Nova Scotia: You Have 11 Days to Opt-out of Being an Organ Donor

No discussion. No debate. The Liberal government decided for us.

If you live in Nova Scotia and you do NOT officially register to keep your organs when you die, you automatically become an organ donor.

I’m not here to debate whether you should or not, or whether it is ethical or not. I’m here to tell those in Nova Scotia who have not heard about this legislation that if they want to choose to opt-out of organ donation, they have to do it now.

The deadline is January 18, 2021.

The State Media has only positive things to say about this: Nova Scotia to begin presumed consent for organ donation next January.

But Françoise Baylis, professor and bioethicist, in an article published by The Halifax Examiner has a better option: make the donor question mandatory to renew your health card. Then everyone gets to answer for themselves. There is no presumed anything. It would be a conscious decision.

Read the article here: Ethicists Province Should Put Opt Out Organ Donation Plan on Hold.

Want to opt-out of being an organ donor?

Visit the Nova Scotia Government website

Or call MSI at 1-800-563-8880

As the deadline approaches the website and phone number may become very busy, so do it today.

Having Trouble Opting-out?

You’re not the only one. The couple interviewed by The Halifax Examiner opted-out only to receive a health card that told the wife she was a donor and a letter that told the husband to contact MSI. Read it here: New organ donation policy rollout is “deeply disturbing”: ethicist.

People who are 18 and younger are except.

In the eyes of the Liberal government non-consent is now consent.

4 thoughts on “Nova Scotia: You Have 11 Days to Opt-out of Being an Organ Donor

  1. If there were a guarantee that organs and corpses would only be used to prolong life through transplantation, and not used for scientific study, I would consider donation. In the absence of such guarantees , this is a dishonest program. And is there any guarantee that the organs will not be shipped to other locations, or used to create jobs in organ handling industry and shipping?
    I see the potential for dishonest use, of humans , snd I have made the decision to opt out. I won’t have the government extending their presumed ownership of my life, into my death.


    • I agree with you. I haven’t thought of the possibility of shipping organs elsewhere, possibly to the highest bidder, but I wouldn’t put it past the government. They are as dishonest as they come.


  2. my organs are mine, not the government an I will say where they go. to my grave with me.. I will contack M S I , an hospitals that my organs are mine for ever….


    • You need only contact MSI. Also, the government doesn’t have a clear path to your organs if you fail to opt out. Unless there is no one there to speak for you. Apparently, they will still consult family regarding organ donation, but there is no law to say they must.

      The flip side of this is, even I wanted to donate my organs and stated that fact, my family could veto it. That’s why this legislation doesn’t work. The choice of the individual is not guaranteed. That’s why it would have been better to make the question mandatory, and the answer stick regardless of what family wanted. That would have been the logical solution, but we’re dealing with government, and they are anything but logical.


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