I’ve Banned Twitter

Due to Twitter’s heavy censoring of free speech and bias towards politics and news, I have banned it. There is no longer a Twitter share button at the bottom of my posts or pages. I’ve deleted the lone account I held onto (Quarter Castle Publishing), so I can’t share news I’ve enjoyed on it.

To me, Twitter no longer exists. It is the first social media platform that needs to die.

However, I can manually share news on a new platform I’m test driving. If you are on Parler, let me know. I’ll follow. You’ll find me here: Diane McGyver.

For the most part, I’ll share posts made on my pen name blog. For me, social media is going the way of the dinosaur. Eventually, I’ll just have a blog.

Happy Sunday!

Be kind to your future self.

24 thoughts on “I’ve Banned Twitter

  1. I could not agree more and am very close to cutting ties myself – Twitter first. FB is difficult as its how I keep in touch with my global family – kids in TX, relatives in the UK. What I find more disturbing is people applauding these platforms that are now trying to define our reality? That twitter de platforms Trump and not Pelosi for encoring riots via BLM all summer long or the fact that it allows Chinese state actors to propagate made up lies against places like Australia or allows eastern European mass murdering dictators access, is beyond me and simply shows that this is not concern over what is said or who says it but political brinkmanship. Those that applaud this may eventually regret it when they see where it inevitably leads and maybe to their own de platforming. I watched a video this morning featuring Scottish socialist George Galloway on RT – I find myself agreeing with him! Other left wingers should watch him and understand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vmNWIjW84fM

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    • I understand the difficulty with Facebook. All my immediate family lives within an hour’s drive, Facebook is not vital with keeping in touch. However, I use Market Place to buy and sell things. Not that I do a lot of it, but I use it a few times a year. Between it and Kijiji, I usually find what I’m looking for.

      I don’t understand how people cannot see that Twitter bans/deletes only those things/people associated with President Trump. Either the hate for one man has blinded them, or they lack the skills to think for themselves.

      I agree with you completely that those who now nod their heads to what’s going on and applaud it will soon regret it. They have no idea what they are wishing for. People think 2020 was rough. If the theories are correct about 2021, this will be the year from hell for many, particularly those who live in cities.

      As a writer, I’m trying to figure out the plot the unseen conmen are using for the next five years. If they are wise, they have both sides covered.

      Which leaves me to think this about January 6th in DC: If a small band of people on foot with rocks and sticks can invade one of the most secure buildings in America, what are China and Russian waiting for? They’ll have conquered the US by noon and be home for supper.

      I’ll check out Galloway’s video. Thanks.

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  2. PS and that is ” Over Lords” typo… And I just clicked your Parler Link… Thank you for sharing I had not known you had shared.. So thank you very much… ❤
    I am not on Twitter or FB… I have enough on with WP.. lol… :-)….
    Sending Huge hugs and thanks again ❤

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    • Elite Over Lords: They have gained a strong foothold in society.

      You’re welcome. One thing I like about Parler is there is no trending news stories in the margin. I go, share a story or news about my blog and see what’s up with those I follow. I only follow 6 so far, all writers except Travis Tritt, one of my favourite country singers.

      I’m heading that way: using only WP. I’ll put my energy into it and save the rest for writing books.

      Have a great Monday.

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  3. Well said Diane and what a good idea…. If we all boycotted such platforms that continually cherry pick their narratives these Elite over loads who run these empires would soon fall…

    Next we need to work on the MSM platforms who create false narratives…
    Much love your way Diane… ❤ :-0

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    • Good morning, Sue. I agree: if we (all the sensible people keeping Twitter afloat) boycotted such platforms, they’d quickly fall into the sewer where they belong. Then the monsters would eat each other.

      MSM platforms that create false narratives: I agree on this matter, too. Personally, I don’t watch or listen to any news. I haven’t listened to the radio since March, haven’t read the newspaper in years and have not watched television news in what seems like forever. The important stuff reaches me through various avenues and family, but the daily fear and fake news doesn’t find me.

      It’s another reason I left Twitter. They’re constant trending news stories were things I was not interested in. It didn’t matter how much I clicked “not interested”, the junk kept coming. If the trends were about gardening, history or genealogy, they’d have been nice to see.

      Thanks for visiting, Sue, and leaving a wonderful comment. I’m sending positive energy your way.

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      • The truth always finds its way to truth seekers Diane… Hope your Parler account okay.. Here in the UK at least we cannot access any parler accounts saying the site cannot be reached… My daughter sent me several account links of USA importance the other day… The censorship is Showing the big corporations controlling free speech ~~ major Censorship taking place to stop Important people getting their message of TRUTH out to the People… 🤨

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        • I agree, Sue. Those who seek shall find.

          I just checked my Parler account. It is unavailable right now. It confounds me that many think that silencing opinions they don’t agree with is okay. They’re happy now, but that happiness rests on a thin thread.

          Either way, I’m not watching. What is happening is out of my control. I will not give it my energy, and I will keep living my normal life. It’s easier here where I’m far away from the madness. To be honest, ten years ago if someone had told me the world was going to be this crazy, I wouldn’t have believed them.


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          • I agree Diane…. we can only control ourselves, our thoughts and our actions…
            Oh and I took a cue from You,, 🙂 I unplugged the tweet link… 🙂 we should all do that… Though I’ve never been on twitter or FB…
            I am a great believer in Energy…. What goes around comes around… and I have a feeling in the not too distant future some of these mainstream media outlets will have bit off more than they can chew… 😉

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            • Somewhere deep within, I know about energy. It’s how the magic works for the characters in my stories. I’ve never sat down and thought out how the magic would work for the books; it just came out while I was writing.

              Now I’m learning more about life energy and the quantum field, and it feels like this is what I’ve believed all along.

              I hope mainstream media bites its tail clean off. But part of me thinks it won’t matter; people will still believe everything on the news.

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            • Yes, sadly there are those who will always want to be lead and told what to do… Without critical thinking or common sense..
              And the Quantum field is fascinating when you get into it Have you read Lynne McTaggarts Book The Field? very interesting… 🙂 And Gregg Bradens Books, Fractal Time, and More… I have a few of both of their books… 🙂

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            • I’ve really only discovered the Quantum Field in the past year. Well, I should say the name for it. I’ve always felt it; it’s always been there like the air I breathe. I’ve not read McTaggart’s book or Braden’s. I’ll look into them. Thank you for suggesting them.

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  4. You understand, I hope, that expressing speech on social media is free in the sense that governments (in non-authoritarian states) do not restrict it. That doesn’t mean it’s cost free. Employers can fire people. Business can be lost as customers (or readers) stop viewing or patronizing. Private entities, like Twitter, set their own rules. The irony is that there are those who want to repeal the Section 230 exemption in America from libel and other content legal infractions on companies like Twitter for material posted there. IF that happens, they will be even more restrictive for prospective liability to their bottom line. It’s your blog; you can post whatever you like and put links to wherever you like. There may be consequences in terms of subscribers or followers.


    • Yes, John, I understand it is Twitter that is doing the censoring in my country, not the government. I did say it was Twitter’s heavy hand. I didn’t mention the government.

      From what I’ve read and watched over the past year, if a platform, such as Twitter, decides what is posted and not posted, they are deemed a publisher. As such, they are responsible for content. Twitter and Facebook have denied this publisher role, so they claim they don’t control content. But I believe they do.

      The Exception: Extreme content, which would be accounts looking to cause bodily harm to a specific individual or a group in general (say child trafficking) would be immediately deplatformed.

      I assume there has always been consequences in terms of subscribers and followers regarding the content of my blog. Everyone who has a blog faces the same. I’ve unfollowed people because of content either because I found it offensive or not of interest. We all find and follow what interests us.

      Thanks for visiting, John. Have a great day.


  5. I tried MeWe at one point but it was terrible you had to pay a monthly fee to have a page other than your personal profile and I think most of the men on there thought it was Plenty of Fish.


    • I had tried MeWe, too, but I lost interest quickly. I had been on it such a short time that I can’t recall what it looked like. I’ll give Parler a try for a month or two, but I may not stay. My online time is limited and it will be more so come spring. My priority is writing books.

      Thanks for the insight into MeWe. I was there too short of time to generate interest. I get a lot of junk mail from men on instagram. What they don’t realise is I only check my messages maybe one or twice a year. To me, it’s not a messaging service. The one thing I noticed about Parler was I could turn the messaging off, so I did.

      Have a great Sunday.

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      • I agree about instagram. I immediately block any man who messages me ‘Hello beautiful ‘ or any such. Same with Facebook. I find that’s getting like that, too. These are not dating sites. Fellas, if you want a relationship, go to the sites specifically for that.
        I left Twitter because I didn’t find it useful. It took up too much time. ( as do other social media.) i’m on Facebook and Goodreads mainly. I have an instagram account and a pinterest, but rarely use them.
        As to the free speech business, no one has ever had the freedom to say or write whatever they like. That’s what the laws of libel and slander are about. Although there are no laws to prevent other lies as far as I know, such things can create immense damage and so should not be given air time.

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        • Perhaps men read instagram and they think insta-girlfriend. I don’t know. Most of the men who message me there are from foreign countries (not in North America). I don’t block or respond. I leave them only crickets. They never write a second time. I’m just one of hundreds they’ve dropped messages to.

          I think you’re right about Twitter not being useful. When I think of energy and time into a platform and return, I’d compare Twitter to goats, not chickens. With goats, a lot of energy, time, money and resources go into raising goats, and the return not good. Say you put 100% in, you get only about 20% out.

          Chickens on the other hand, it’s 100% in and 150% out. Potatoes are even better. One bale of hay and 10 pounds of potatoes will net 60 pounds of potatoes. That’s almost 160% return.

          More than a year ago, I heard Instagram was the best place to be on. Perhaps I’m not using it correctly, but I don’t see the return. I haven’t posted anything to my account for a while. I was on Pinterest many years ago, but it has fallen to the wayside.

          Goodreads: While I’ve heard others have success there, I tried and found it was extremely time consuming. There’s so much to see, join and interact with, it’s overwhelming. Pages contain so much information and ads, my eyes don’t know what to focus on. I’ll leave Goodreads to those who can navigate it efficiently.

          Facebook has Marketplace, so when I’m looking for a specific thing to buy (boat, bike, wood stove, etc.), I go there. Otherwise, I’d be off of it. Now and again, I’ll post something about my book or share a post by another writer.

          Since the beginning of time, people have told lies and fantasy stories. Eventually, people see them for what they are, and those liars lose their energy because of lack of followers. If people were taught critical thinking skills in school instead of what to think, fewer people would fall victim to lies and nonsense from crazy people.

          Personally, I believe by shutting down the liars and crazy people, this gives fuel to their words. Let them spout their nonsense, so people can see the clowns they are. Exposure not hiding is the best way to reveal the liars.

          Then again, we need people who are critical thinkers, and the education system has decreased that number over the past few decades. Canadian Liberal MP Catherine McKenna knows this, and her advice is that if you say a lie loud enough and repeat it, people will believe it. But don’t believe me. Hear it from her mouth here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ab_RHs562DQ

          History has taught us censoring individuals, books, ideas, organisations and other things leads us down a dark path. We are on that path now.

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          • Oh how I agree with you on education. We seem to be, in the UK anyway, in ‘Do as I tell you and you’ll get a good grade.’ I used to be a teacher, and know how things have changed. When the National Curriculum first came it, the marking of the testing was done by teachers. We were sent a mark scheme, but the pupils had to put exactly what was on the scheme of it was marked wrong. It annoyed me, and broke my heart to see pupils who had written something a little different, but clearly understood, to be marked wrong.
            Critical thinking? Forget it.
            We also need to think less nowadays. I saw a packet of walnuts labelled ‘Contains Nuts’. Cars now tell you if you are too close to the car in front, or are straying from your lane. Technology is making it so we need to think less and less all the time. Is it any wonder people are getting more stupid?

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            • If my children were just entering the school system, I’d homeschool them from the beginning. However, my youngest graduates in June, so the education system is behind us.

              I watched an interesting show a few weeks ago that spoke about what you mentioned: about machines doing things for us. He gave it a name. I think it was Technology Alzheimers. Because we have to think less, our brains are exercised less, which can lead to early brain dysfunction. On top of that, when people use devices, such as GPS, and are told what to do (with GPS, where to turn), the early warning signs of such illnesses are not noticed.

              I think we’ve reached the end to benefits of technology for every day use. Nothing from ten years ago onward will make life better for us. It has and will only hinder us. As you say, is it any wonder people are getting more stupid.

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    • Twitter does not allow free speech. Last summer, my account was frozen because of something I posted. I don’t even know what it was that caused the freeze. I had mostly posted about books, so maybe I posted a book someone didn’t like and they reported it. Don’t know. I was never given an answer. I’m not the first to be frozen because of something silly.

      I’m only amazed I’ve not been put in Facebook jail yet. Not once. While I’ve heard others have been for something silly. I use Facebook mostly for Market Place. If that wasn’t there, I’d be gone.

      Twitter has become a publisher, whether they say they are or not. They ban people, remove posts they disagree with and freeze accounts for their own agenda. I’ve seen factual articles removed because they went against the narrative.

      Twitter is the gathering place of lunatics. While some like myself try to create a platform, the lunatics are slowly taking over the asylum. They are a hateful bunch who attack and try to shut down truth. Basically, they’re a bunch of snowflakes with label machines. That world they have created for themselves is not real, and I want no part of it.


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