Results for January FREE Book Promotion

My survival and adventure laced with romance novel Northern Survival has done quite well since it’s release in September 2020. I’m using this book as my flagship. It’s a quick read, contains all the elements most of my novels do (survival, adventure, romance) and has been well received by readers.

For the next couple of years, I’m going to focus my promotions on this book to introduce Diane McGyver to new readers, who will hopefully check out my other books. My philosophy at this time is to have one book promoted like crazy that does excellent and leads to my other books instead of spreading my energy thin to promote multiple books. I’ll let you know how it goes.

In the three months it has been available, Northern Survival has sold (as of December 31, 2020) 498 copies and the number of pages read by Kindle Unlimited Members is 21,441 (x $0.0045 = $96.48). Since the book is about 200 pages, that’s about 107 copies read, give or take. Several readers may have read only part of the book and lost interest or was distracted by life.

At the end of each month, I record the sales of the book in the right-hand margin just below its ad.

My Method (a work in progress)

When I launched the book, I promoted it heavily for two months. This carried it through the third month of publication. While there were still sales in early January, my plan was to give it a boost once a month through some means to keep it actively selling and in the public view.

Also, using this book as a flagship to my other books, earlier this month, I added the first two chapters of the Salvation of Mary Lola Barnes at the back of the book with links to buy it. I also listed my other books with links to buy.

Thinking about this now, I should have added the description of each book with the titles to create more interest. I’ll do that before the end of the month.

January’s Promotion

This month, I took advantage of Kindle’s five free days per the KDP Select three-month term. This happened from Wednesday January 13th to Sunday January 17th. While as a rule, I’m not going to make books free, I decided to do it this month to see how it was received after getting more than 20 reviews.

Also, I’m counting on reaching new readers and propelling the book into further sales after the free period has ended.

Kindle Unlimited Members

One surprise during this free promotion was that at least two Kindle Unlimited members used their membership to read the book. A total of 668 pages were read.


I received two wonderful reviews on January 17th. I am unsure if these readers downloaded the book before or during the promotion. One review was posted to Goodreads, the other to

5 Stars: Excellent

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I felt every fear, every success, even felt cold at times. Would highly recommend Northern Survival.


5 Stars: When is there another Survival Romance book coming?

This may be her first attempt at the survival fiction genre, but she EXCELS in it. Would love to see more or even a second book as a series to Northern Survival.


Wednesday January 13th

On purpose, I did no promotions this day and did not mention it on any of my websites. I wanted to see how it would sell just by being free and use this as a gauge.

Books Sold

  • Canada: 1 copy
  • United States: 57 copies

Thursday January 14th

I had two promotions running on this day: Book Pebble and a BookBub Ad. Usually, I can’t say which drove more traffic to my book on Amazon, but BookBub provides the insights to clicks. Silly me, I went with impressions, not clicks, and ran out of money before 2:00 pm on the first day. I won’t do that again. While I got 2,357 impressions, there was only one (1) click, which may or may not have resulted in a sale. An impression only means my book ad was on a page someone looked at. So while viewers were scanning down the page until something caught their eye, my ad flew by, probably without notice.

My two previous BookBub ads were paid per click. I’ll use that route again. Lesson learned.

Cost for Promotions

  • Book Pebble: $20 US ($26.55 CAD)
  • Book Bub: $20 US (26.55 CAD)

Books Sold

  • Canada: 1
  • United States: 132
  • United Kingdom: 21 books

Friday January 15th

I’ve used up my budget for promotions this month, so there’s no more paid ads. On this day, I mentioned the sale at the end of my McGyver blog post: It’s Seed Ordering Time.

Like all posts, I shared this on my McGyver Facebook page, which sees very little activity.

Books Sold

  • Canada: 2
  • United States: 62 books (and 343 pages read by Kindle Unlimited member)
  • United Kingdom: 9 books

Saturday January 16th

The only mention of the free book was on my Facebook page.

Books Sold

  • Canada: 1
  • United States: 27
  • United Kingdom: 2 books

Sunday January 17th

Last day of sale – no promotions

Books Sold

  • Canada: 1 book
  • United States: 4 books (325 pages read by Kindle Unlimited member)
  • United Kingdom: 5 books (51 pages read by Kindle Unlimited member)

Monday January 18th

Northern Survival returns to its regular $4.99 price.

Total Books Sold at FREE

During the last five days, 328 copies of the book was downloaded for free. The break down is as followed.

  • Canada: 6 books
  • United States: 282 books and 668 pages
  • United Kingdom: 37 books and 51 pages


Was this promotion a success? I first must ask myself, what was the goal of this promotion? The goal was to get Northern Survival into the hands of more readers with the hope of garnering reviews. Did that happen?

Yes. This book was downloaded by more than 300 people. If the two reviews came from this group of readers, than that goal was achieved as well.

Going into this promotion, I didn’t have a set number of books I wanted bought. I am satisfied with the numbers of this promotion, particularly the pages read, which generated approximately (719 x $0.0045) $3.24. Not a huge amount, but those who read with their Kindle Unlimited membership could have downloaded the book for free.

February Promotions

I’m still working on it, but I think I’ll work something around Valentine’s Day. The KDP Select term ends on February 20th, so if I run a sale, it will be done manually given that I’ve used my promotional option for this term.

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