RANT: The Canadian Government Rules on a Slippery Slope

I hate you, Ian Rankin. I hate everyone like you. You believe you have the right to limit the freedoms of Canadians living in Nova Scotia unless they participate in an experimental, untested and unapproved medical treatment, one with unknown short and long-term side affects, one that doesn’t even do what vaccines are supposed to do.

What is a real vaccine? A vaccine protects the person who gets it. Think of the Tetanus vaccine. I got the booster a few years ago. When I stepped on a rusty spike last fall, I was protected. I didn’t bother going to Emergency. I kept the wound clean, disinfected it three times a day and elevated my foot for about a week. It healed with no infection. I wear a suit of armour against rusty objects, and it’s a good thing. Working like I do around nails, wire and other metals, I get scratched and poked a lot.

That’s what a real vaccine does.

A real vaccine doesn’t work for some and not others. It doesn’t leave you unprotected where you can get sick and pass on that sickness to others. It doesn’t do more harm than good to the individual.

Did you get that? Individual. The concern is for the individual, not the collective.

While I hope common sense prevails and the ilk of Ian Rankin will not be hired to run this province for the next four years, that hope is thin. Never have I thought less of society and their whims to virtual signal and please the powers that be, that includes the mouthpiece for the government, Robert Strang, who’s not a real doctor in the sense we think of doctors. He has never practised publicly and treated patients, except to complete his internship to get his license decades ago.

Long ago, I classified doctors as consultants. I meet with them, we discuss my condition, they give advice, then I do my own research, evaluate the information and then make a decision on my health. I’ve met too many drug pushers in doctor’s offices, too many who never considered food as the poison or the cure.

While I hold out hope there’ll be no more discussion of a Nazis-like passport if the authoritarian Liberals are voted out, that hope is also thin. It seems it doesn’t matter who wins on election night, the new hires will dance to the same drum, marching the willing down the slippery slope.

These servants of the province will dictate their demands, and we are supposed to obey. Comply.

‘They’ say things will go back to normal after everyone gets the shot, but that’s a lie. A big fat fucking lie, and they know it. We will never regain the freedoms given away and/or taken. They are lost forever. We are one step closer to being slaves of the system. Ruled over. Peasants.

Anyway, Ian Rankin, and those like you, I’ll let the devil know you’ll be at his doorstep when your bucket is kicked. He’ll be looking forward to meeting you. I’ve known him for a while now, ever since…well, that’s another story. He’s not entirely horrible. He has some redeeming qualities as he takes care of people like you.

There are people, organisations, companies and government departments who do not want this ‘pandemic’ to end because they are power hungry and/or making truck-loads of money. Corporate media is one. Government another. And mouth pieces. But the big one is the pharmaceutical companies because they are making billions of dollars from your suffering. The longer this goes on and the more ‘boosters’ needed, the more they fill their vaults. They don’t care about you; they never have. You’re a customer, and they aim to keep you buying for the rest of your life.

Bottom line is: I do not accept health advice from politicians, the worst crooks on the planet. I don’t accept it from government since government doesn’t have my best interest as a priority. I alone have the final say on my health.

If you’ve gotten the jab, good luck. I hope it’s everything you believed it was. If you didn’t get it but are being bullied and threatened into getting it, stand your ground. If something goes wrong and you have long-term side effects, there won’t be anyone there to help you in the aftermath and no one will be held responsible. The companies who make the jab don’t even stand behind their product. You cannot seek damages from them.

A blanket solution has always been wrong for society. We have different life styles and health needs.

In years to come, those who survive will look back at this time and wonder how in the hell government gained so much control over our well-being and every-day movements. Doesn’t matter. History will repeat itself given time, and future generations will get a front row seat of how it happened.

I’m allowing my immune system, which I’ve tended to better than my garden, to defend me against viruses circulating in society. After all, I have a 99.5% survival rate. I like those odds.

If you’re open-minded enough to hear an alternate story, one not shared on corporate and government-run media, check out this video (Doctor Destroys the Entire Covid Narrative) in which a medical professional tells a committee why masks are useless and about the damage done by these vaccines.

If you live in Nova Scotia, election day is Tuesday August 17th. From protecting Owl’s Head Provincial Park from a billionaire, a buy-up scheme the Liberals support (Read About it Here), to protecting our right to choose our own health care (Ian Rankin says he’ll bring in a draconian passport that will have Nova Scotians showing ID and medical passports at every shop just to get your hair cut, to buy burgers at McDonalds or to attend a concert: Read About it Here), we need to vote the corrupt Liberals out of office.

If you vote for this authoritarian government and their Vaccine Passport, then you get everything you deserve. I’ll have no sympathy for you. Just know, to accept this loss of freedom from whichever party rules, means more limitations in the future. This chipping away of our freedom has to STOP NOW. We must demand our right to privacy when it comes to our personal medical information. It is NOT up for political debate.

Death is inevitable – living isn’t.

4 thoughts on “RANT: The Canadian Government Rules on a Slippery Slope

  1. +Diane, As of this writing, it appears the “Scotiapass” is just more weasel words from Ian Rankin. First, he made the announcement to which you object that Nova Scotia would have a vaccine passport, then he called the Rick Howe show to tout how brave his government was in taking this stand against the fourth wave, and then an hour later his people emailed the station to say “no, no, that’s not what Rankin said.” I t appears he was making the pass available for others to use if they chose to do so. In other words, he was having the government verify they had given you the vaccine, nothing more. Weasel Words! I must repeat that this is as of this writing; nothing Rankin says can be accepted at face value.


    • Art, I’ve never heard the term ‘weasel words’. To me it sounds like convenient lies or virtual signalling. He wants to make those terrified of this virus and who think the only way to freedom and health is through this ‘vaccine’ feel good about what he’s ‘dong to society’: making them accept this treatment or else your movements will be limited.

      Yet, he doesn’t want to be the enemy of freedom, so back paddles. No, that’s not what he meant. He hopes to get voters who believes him in both cases.

      I have no doubt what he meant: he aims to introduce this ‘Scotia’ freedom ‘pass’ for those who want it. Then a month later, everyone will need it to access certain services and shops (restaurants, hair salons, etc.). Then when their planned 7th wave hits, the public will be already use to showing their ID (since you’ll have to show ID to prove the ‘Scotiapass’ is yours), so they’ll extend it to be used for other shops and services. Perhaps you’ll need it to visit the dentist or go to Emergency, get in an ambulance or enter a library.

      While some might think revealing their name, address, birthday (because most will have to flash their photo ID, which is their driver’s license) and medical information to every guard at the door is perfectly fine to ‘save the planet’, there are many who will refuse. As a women, I find that very threatening that strangers will know my name and where I live.


      • “Weasel words” is a term I first heard used by David Letterman to describe politicians who were dodging questions but using words that sounded like an answer but weren’t.
        Rankin is waiting to see which way the wind is blowing and if support seems to happen for passports, he will be able to say in was in from the start. If people like you prevail, he can say he never actually advocated their use.’ but merely facilitated them for others.


        • Good grief, that’s what most politicians use these days. Trudeau does it all the time, yet he’s not as good as Hillary. She’s the one I noticed using “Weasel Words” first. Questions are never answered; they only provide a word salad – lots of keywords that say nothing.

          From what I’ve read, many are against this draconian passport. Let’s hope the winds keep blowing in that direction or things are going to get real messy fast.


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