Freedom Rally Saturday February 18th

On Saturday September 18th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at Citadel Hill, a freedom rally will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I believe there are similar events happening across the country, so check your area to see if there’s one near you. To learn more about this event and others being organised, visit Save Canada Army.

Federal and provincial governments are advocating discrimination against citizens who choose their own medical treatment. Whether you’ve received this treatment or not, the fact that a ruling party believes they have the right to bar people who cannot or who choose not to participate in an experimental shot with unknown short and long term side effects is wrong.

The fact is even if you have the shot, you can still become sick and pass it on to others. You could even die from the virus.

While the Liberal government says they are transparent, they are far from it. They are as transparent about this virus and the side effects of the jab as a thick piece of steal. They suppress and censor studies and opinions that do not fit their narrative. It doesn’t matter if these studies and opinions come from experts in the field of medicine and science.

Until freedom is restored in Canada, I ask everyone who has a Canadian flag to turn it upside down.

What does an upside down flag indicate?

It’s a signal of dire distress in instances of extreme danger to life or property. I believe the situation in Canada has entered the dire stage and what governments are doing is a threat to my life and property. If the Liberals are ‘re-elected’ on September 20th, that threat is elevated.

I’ll leave you with a cometary from a well-known person in the United Kingdom, a person I’ve listened to many times because he makes sense: Neil Oliver: ‘If the West isn’t careful, it might shortly be all over for the West.‘. Heed his warning. By 2030, Canada, nay North America could be a very different place in which to live, and there will be no one coming to save us.

6 thoughts on “Freedom Rally Saturday February 18th

    • I agree. Australia is on the brink of falling; it will take a miracle to save them. The US still has hope. The silent majority are waking up just like in Canada. We need only realise the power we have. Thank you for visiting.

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