Canadian Parliament Conference on Suppressed Information from Doctors and Scientists

All Canadians need to watch this video from CPAC before it disappears. You won’t find it on the YouTube CPAC channel. I searched for it, but it wasn’t in the results. I scanned through the months of videos, and it wasn’t there. I found it on another YouTube channel, but it’s only there until the censors find it and remove it. Whenever it’s posted to Facebook, the devils within the company remove it.

Before you think these are just another bunch of crack pots, they’re not. It’s a member of parliament, an Ontario doctor and a scientist who specializes in vaccines. They cannot remain silent anymore. They know something is horribly wrong.

Watch it here:

One must ask the questions: Why is the Canadian government acting like it is? Why are doctors and scientists being bullied, shamed, threatened and censored? Whatever the answer is, it’s not good for the people of Canada.

Update: When YouTube removes the video, it’s available on BitChute: The Canadian Parliamentary Network by MP Derek Sloan.

Update: The video has been removed from YouTube. The link is now to a blank screen that tells visitors that a press conference given by the Canadian government “violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” Unbelievable.

6 thoughts on “Canadian Parliament Conference on Suppressed Information from Doctors and Scientists

  1. I was so discouraged to see real news from parliament hill our loyal trusted PM has our public news in his back pocket, blocking the other side of the story. I feel like I’m in China/ North Korea and the powers to be are brain washing the people. The other side of it is the gullibility of the public to just accept everything side is true without researching the other side of the story. Keep up the good work.

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    • Thanks, Scott. It’s incredible to me that our government is suppressing members in our government that don’t mimic the narrative. While it’s inconceivable this information wasn’t on every news station, it’s unacceptable for the government to censor and remove it from CPAC. Yet, there’s no accountability. Real journalism is dead. Reporters and news anchors are puppets. I love Canada, but you are right, our politicians are right out of North Korea or China.

      By the time the masses understand they have lost their freedom, it will be too late. It is easy to relinquish our freedoms to government; near impossible to get them back.

      By the way, that video lasted less than 24 hours on YoutTube. I checked it this morning. The video was removed because our government press conferences go against YouTube’s rules. Lol. Unbelievable. It’s still available on BitChute.


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