Rediscovering the Inner Light

Since January, I’ve felt a dimming of energy that guides my writing journey. While I could blame this darkening on the chaos enveloping the world for the past 18 months, I won’t. In truth, while I see the horrible corruption of governments, including our miserable excuses for politicians, our health care system, and government-owned and Liberal-dictated media, it’s not what influences my energy the most. I understand these identities to be monsters and as such not to be trusted. And I move on, not letting them affect my inner spirit.

I could also blame this darkening on the mammoth amount of work I’ve been doing that drags me away from the computer and writing. Often, by the time I sit in front of the screen at night, I’m too tired to write and since my mind has been elsewhere all day, my genius in the wall doesn’t share his stories.

I find myself once again at a crossroad: do I battle to return to my writing journey, or do I abandon it for another journey?

It was time to seek advice from a source I trusted. Yesterday I visited a special woman who has insight and visions of the past, present and future. From our discussion and after a visit to an amazing beach, I’ve decided it’s time to return.

But not like I was. I’m unsure of how I wish to proceed. While I have several stories in the Laced in Romance collection, my energy wants to return to the fantasy world, so…

Yet, the proof has arrived for my next release: Natural Selection. It’s a dystopian laced with romance novel of about 110,000 words. Longer than I anticipated, but the word count was necessary to tell the story.

While my mind drifts to a destination, it’s the journey that makes life fascinating.

More from Lawrencetown Beach, Halifax County, Nova Scotia

Huge waves hitting the coast from tropical storm Teresa as it passes off shore.

Surfers catching the waves.

5 thoughts on “Rediscovering the Inner Light

  1. Congrats for getting anything done in this time warp of the world we’re living in. This year has been devastating for me and to be honest, I’m lucky I can even write blog post and book reviews. No capacity now for book writing or publishing. Unfortunately, our line of work involves the creative center of the brain. When bad things happen, some like myself cannot keep an attention span going long enough. Next year will be better. 🙂

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    • You have been through a trying time, a devastating one. While some cannot write when tragedy strikes, I use writing to keep sane. I might be off balance for a day or two, then I ask myself how do I get through it? Writing. I turn to writing. It’s my coping mechanism. This may not be writing for the eyes of others, only mine.

      Yes. Next year will be better.

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      • Writing has always been my savior. For awhile I didn’t want to write anything for the blog. But without intention, but drawn to write about my grief, in very rough notes, I already have half a book! But that book will take some time before I have the strength to face it. If we are writers, writing is often our sanity. And yes please let this year of 2 years of 2020 please end. 🙂

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