A Solid Explanation of Society’s Behaviour and Mass Formation

In my struggle to understand people in society, I’ve listened more than I’ve spoken. I’ve spent countless hours sitting off to the side in crowds to watch and listen to conversations. Obviously, this is good research for writing characters. Yet, I am often baffled by what I hear because much of it is illogical. Spock makes sense. Fauci does not.

Listening to lectures and conversations given by people of all walks of life in many countries of many cultures and professions, including Carl Yung, Vandana Shiva, Jordan Peterson and Thomas Sowell, have provided perspectives I’d not get in my circle of family, friends and associates.

Needless to say, the actions of people over the past 18 months have taken baffled and turned it into utterly confused. I had no explanation for why people were begging to have their freedoms taken away. Until I watched Aubrey Marcus’ podcast and his interview with Professor Mattias Desmet.

Desmet discusses what is known as mass formation. In the interview he says four things must be in place for this to happen. Unfortunately, all four are in place in modern societies. They are:

  • 1) Social Disconnect
  • 2) The feeling that life is meaningless
  • 3) Free floating anxiety
  • 4) Free floating frustration and aggression.

When these four conditions inhabit society, those who want control over the population create a fear which raises anxiety, then the same people who presented this fear provide a solution.

Society is made up of three types of people:

  • 30% are fully immersed in the fear and obey without question.
  • 30% do not fall under the hypnosis of the fear.
  • 40% are followers and will follow the strongest of the other two groups.

Whether you use this to better understand what is happening in the world or in your next fiction novel where the bad guys want to take over the world, the video explains well the mass formation method used by dictators over the past century and a half to take full control over a country. This includes Joseph Stalin, who ‘hypnotized’ his people resulting in approximately 20 million deaths.

Desmet tells this much better than I can write it. Watch this eye-opening video here: Why People WILLINGLY Give Up Their Freedoms W/ Prof. Mattias Desmet | Aubrey Marcus Podcast

FACT: Government has killed more of its own people than wars.

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