VAERS data to the World Council for Health

I confess, I’m a data junkie. I’ve gathered data for various things, including my power usage over the years, and plotted it on graphs just to compare long-term usage in a visual manner. It’s the numbers that get me. I love math and working with numbers. I’m also a visual person.

Yet, I don’t have time to plot everything I’m interest in to compare long-term usage or effects. Thankfully, for VAERS data, I don’t have to.

Meet Dr. Jessica Rose, a Canadian who has a background in immunology, applied mathematics, computational biology, biochemistry and molecular biology. She recently completed a VAERS data analysis and presented it to the World Council for Healthy on October 11, 2021.

To learn about her findings regarding the vaccine, watch the video with a slide show here: Presentation of VAERS data to the World Council for Health.

Knowledge is power. Let’s keep informed.

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