The Sunshine Vitamin is Necessary for Health

I’ve spoken before about Vitamin D. I’ve been paying attention to the levels in my blood for about ten years because a blood test at that time indicated I was deficient. Add the research I’ve done with its connection with zinc, and I’m a true believer of the benefits of Vitamin D.

Today I listened to a podcast presented by Darkhorse entitled Why you should be supplementing with Vitamin D. It’s hosted by Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), and they discuss Vitamin D and its role in a healthy immune system. They touch on the symptoms of a certain virus circulating in the population and how this vitamin can help defend against this infection.

Information is power. Do your own research.

Stay wild. Stay free.

2 thoughts on “The Sunshine Vitamin is Necessary for Health

  1. I’ve always been a consumer of vitamins and other natural remedies, but I never had a doctor tell me to take a vitamin or supplement of any kind until I got Covid. She said to take D. I was so surprised.

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    • I guess the word is getting around, and it can’t be denied: Vitamin D is vital for health. I wish doctors were more in tune with vitamins, supplements and the power of food. When I told my doctor (in his 70s and set to retire) that I was following the Keto Diet, he told me not to follow it too much. It was unhealthy. I smiled politely and thought, the food pyramid put out by Health Canada is also unhealthy.

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