The Empty Threats of Climate Emergency Activists

While I waited in line at the feed store yesterday, the clerk said to the woman in front of me, “Have a great day and enjoy this beautiful weather.”

“Isn’t it wonderful?” said the woman. “I’ll be happy if this is how it is all winter.”

I smiled to myself. I wouldn’t complain either if we had cool nights (no lower than -5 degrees Celsius) and mild days (between 5 and 10 degrees) all winter instead of -20 and snow to shovel. Our oil and electric bill would be considerably less. Tending to the animals would be easier, and accidents due to storm conditions would be considerably fewer.

Like me, this woman at the feed store supports climate change if this means milder winters. However, I know we’re not meant for milder winters. We’re still living in a partial ice age, and things are going to get considerably cooler here in Nova Scotia over the coming years.

I didn’t always dread a cooler temperature. In the 1970s, when reports on the news claimed we were entering a new ice age, inwardly, I rejoiced. I was a kid and loved winter. I was thinking of all the snow forts I could build, larger than the ones I was already building with the usual four feet of snow we had on the ground. I thrived in winter activities and spent my days skating, building snowmen, tobogganing and ski-dooing.

My parents appeared to have not paid attention to the warnings. They never spoke about it. They came from an era and place where winters had been more harsh, where winter weather lay upon the land from the end of September until early May. They knew how to survive so didn’t worry about such silly weather predictions.

Here we are, more than 40 years later, having survived the latest “Ice Age”. Now we’re supposed to enter a warming period. Let’s call it the “Tropical Age”.

For a recap of all the empty threats presented by climate alarmists over the past few decades, check out this Louder with Crowder video: 50 Years of FAILED Climate Predictions in 15 Minutes (or Less!).

My personal thoughts on Earth’s climate are simple. It is always changing. It has always changed and will always change. Us puny humans have little affect on it. Humans have survived every change because we adapted, we migrated to more favourable locations, we learned to live with it. The changes today are no different from those 10,000 years ago in the sense that those who adapt survive, and those who don’t succumb.

How many would cross this bridge to safety?

I’m guessing 30% of humans wouldn’t, and they would perish where they stood.

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