Second-hand Store Find: Green Family Cookbook

Earlier this week, while searching through the books at our local second-hand store, I came upon Green Family Cookbook – Food, Family & Friends published July 2010.

A handwritten note inside read, “For Bryan. Put together by Auntie Irene Green. Ross. Formatted by Cheryl Green. Frank.”

The book contains a collection of recipes by family members. However, what makes this book valuable are the historical family images between each section.

I have no connection to the Green family, but I love connecting genealogists with pieces of their family history. I bought the book for $1.00 with the intentions that I’d find someone with this Green family in their family tree.

Names and dates are noted with the images, but few places are mentioned. One was Spokane, Washington. It was a below a picture of Charles and Ruth Leonard, who were seniors at the time and displaying a row of fish. It was taken about 1965 – 1970. Above it is a picture of the couple at the wedding of Richard and Sharon Leonard, c.1960.

I’ll post images from the book below to help identify those in this Green family. I am located in Nova Scotia, Canada, but I do not know if this Green family settled here originally or members of the family moved in from other places in North America.

The book is in excellent condition with only a little wear. If you are connected to this family and would like to have the book, the only cost is my $1.00 for the purchase and the cost of postage to mail it to you.

It contains 140 pages and consists of recipes, images and four pages at the end of each section for notes (where you can add your own family recipes). The cover is laminated.

Contact me with the subject line: Green Family Cookbook at

UPDATE (November 23, 2021): A new owner has been found for the book.

6 thoughts on “Second-hand Store Find: Green Family Cookbook

  1. What makes me a bit sad about this story is that it ended up in a used book store. Did Bryan not care about it? Did he die and whoever went through his things treat just toss it into the “book pile?” I will be interested to see if anyone comes forward.

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    • As a long-time genealogist, I fear many of my books (both ones I’ve written and those specific to my family tree) will be tossed without a second look. While we can plan, we just don’t know how our things will be ‘disposed’ of when we meet the end.

      If someone requests it, I’ll updated this post.


  2. What a wonderful find. I do hope a member of the Green Family sees this. I love the old pictures too. A great idea actually. I once found an old photo album with wonderful family pictures. I put it in a window display in the downtown store I was working at the time. A lady walked by, saw it and came inside. She said the pictures were of her sister and family. I gave her the album. A happy ending.

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