The Story of The Black Bitch of Scotland

This story is for the people who jump onto bandwagons to protest not fully understanding what they’re protesting. It’s for people who don’t want to look deeper than the headlines. It’s for people who ignore history or want to erase it. This is the story of The Black Bitch of Scotland.

Long ago, on the windswept shores of Scotland, a man caught breaking the law was sentenced to death. He was chained to a tree on a wee island in the middle of the loch and left there to starve.

However, each morning found the man alive and well. After many days, the town folk realised the man’s loyal dog, a black greyhound bitch, was taking food and water to the man.

Back then, the only solution was to chain the dog to the tree with its master to meet the same fate.

Over the centuries, the legend of the dog grew and became a symbol for loyalty. The town folk adopted this symbol and said of themselves that they were proud to be black bitches.

So you see, the name of this pub, established in the 1600s, is far from racist. It’s far from offensive. It’s a lovely tale that provides a unique history to the town, one the people who live there are proud of.

They’ve claimed it, so I say they keep it regardless of the hoopla brought on by disloyal government officials and easily offended squabs that have never set foot on the cobblestones.

Here is a news segment about those who are protesting against the name change. They explain why the name is important to the town of Linlithgow, Scotland. In this they discuss that those wanting the name change don’t want to offend those from away who see the name. This sort of thinking is completely wrong. It’s why globally doesn’t work. It doesn’t matter what those in other countries or on the other side of world think. All that matters is how the town feels because it is their history, not anyone else’s.

Learn more about this history here: The Legend of the Black Bitch.

With all the corruption, hate, wars and crime going on in the world, why anyone would put money and energy into changing a pub’s name for the sake of thin skinned people is beyond me. Those shrilling for the change need to pull their head out of their arse, give it a shake and put their mind on their own affairs, which are probably fairly messy.

I stand by the townspeople who are rightfully angry about the suggestion of the name change. I love the legend so much, I believe this pub’s name will find its way into one of my stories one day. It will be a tip of the hat to the black bitch that brought this town together to fight globalism.

Note: The word bitch has become synonymous with crabby women who complain nonstop about stupid things. However, growing up, it was common for people to call their female dog a bitch. That’s the correct term. So while the use of this name may sound offensive to some, it was far from offensive when the pub claimed the name 350 years ago. Understanding and accepting this is a sign of maturity. We need to get over ourselves and stop feeling so personally offended by every bleeping thing under the sun. [See, I used bleeping instead of fucking for those soft souls though if I’d have been speaking to you in person, I’d have used every fucking thing under the sun.]

4 thoughts on “The Story of The Black Bitch of Scotland

  1. Loved the story, and your opinion. If more people would read books instead of parroting, as you say, headlines, maybe we could actually get back some freedom of speech without every letter of every word being analyzed. And deal with real issues.

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    • Thanks. I think the dog story is excellent. It certainly adds wonderful history to the town. In an odd twist, when researching this story, I found a news article dated February 2020 about a statue being unveiled that represented the black greyhound. The large writing on the front read “The Black Bitch”. So I have to ask myself, what happened since in the last 22 months?

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