I Reject the New Normal

Over the weekend, I read a heart-felt post by Laura Best entitled: There’s No Going Back to What Was. I agree there is no going back. There never was in any given year. We couldn’t turn 2010 into 2005 or even 2000 into 1999. That’s life.

However, after thinking about this for a few days, I want to add, while we can never go back to what was, I refuse to accept what is as the ‘new normal’.

The new normal. That’s what people are calling this. They tell me I have to accept the new normal. The new normal means wearing masks in public places, healthy people acting as if they are sick, a virus taking priority over all other illnesses, anti-social distancing, discrimination against a portion of society, rotating shut-downs and lock-downs of businesses, unrealistic travel restrictions, constant fear mongering by government and Liberal media, and government dictating what citizens in a ‘free’ country can and cannot do.

I will not accept these things as normal. They will NEVER be normal. They will always be abnormal. They are not a way a free society lives. It’s not normal life in Canada. It’s normal for Communist China and North Korea. We ain’t those places, and I don’t ever want to be.

4 thoughts on “I Reject the New Normal

  1. I read your comment about harmony and balance on Dreamwalkers page. It caught my attention, bringing me to look at your website. This post of yours echoes my thoughts completely. We are not born to be sheep, or lemmings still running to the edge of the cliff. Your opinions matter, my opinions matter, freedom of choice matters, wise government matters, wisdom matters.
    Best wishes to you for this new year


    • I agree with you. We are not sheep. I feel we aren’t even supposed to be this work force we’ve been trained to be since we could walk. We are missing something truly incredible to our existence. Perhaps humans were never meant to live in huge populations. When they do, the few dictate a blanket rule over the many. True diversity is not allowed. We must conform to society.

      I have visions of another way to live, and it is far from what I’m seeing. I’m trying to put this image and the feelings it generates into words for my next post, but I’m finding it difficult to explain this sensation for others who have never experienced this type of freedom. I feel closest to this vision when I am bathed in sunlight for hours and have fasted. It’s like part of the brain (or DNA) that holds memories from the distant past is turned on. Or maybe my subconscious is sending me messages about what life is supposed to be.

      I’m glad my comment about harmony resonated with you. I hear many people talk about balance and in my mind, I always think, “No, not balance; harmony.” I had always been led to believe balance but several years ago, I was listening to a presentation about life and such, and a quote from a philosopher from a few centuries ago was used, and it was about harmony, not balance. After much thought, I agreed with him. It made perfect sense.

      Wise government. In Canada, that’s a oxymoron.

      Thank you for visiting and sharing your thoughts.


  2. Come on Diane, don’t be a jackass. We’ve seen how much the hospitals fill up when Covid is left to spread unfettered. It’s more than Covid, it’s people dying of preventable health problems because they can’t be treated because the hospitals are clogged up. “Fear-mongering?” It IS fearsome. Like do you actually believe the government wants to stifle its economy with all these restrictions? The government LIVES for its economy. Absolutely none of what’s going on is flippant.


    • Well, Anonymous Coward, who is the real jackass? I’d say you since you didn’t even leave your name. You’re gutless. I see why this little virus scares you. I suggest staying home forever. If you do need to leave your house, wear a complete hazmat suit. I know you’ll still be scared, but risk it for a little break from your prison.

      Yes, I believe the government wants to destroy our economy. They want to take full control over the population. I dearly hope I’m wrong. If I am, I can laugh about this. If I’m not, we’re in huge trouble because of people like you. I want to be wrong. I want to wake up in two years and look back at this time and think, “Wow. I was so wrong. We’re all okay. We still have medical freedom. We don’t need a digital passport to go into a shop or travel to the nearby province.”

      But until this bullshit is done away with, my guard is up. The government doesn’t care about your health. If you think it does, you are not only a coward but a fool. Stop watching Liberal-owned and operated media, Bill Gates bribed media and Pfizer-sponsored media.

      PS: Our hospitals in Nova Scotia are ‘clogged’ because we don’t have enough doctors and nurses. Our government has failed to deliver one promise after another. They didn’t maintain or fix our health care system; they destroyed it.


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