Touring Northern Labrador by Sail

No, not me, but Ed O’Reilly. I won’t be there for a few years.

This morning, Ed posted a link to his latest video production on an online sailing group I’m connected with. While I enjoyed my tea, my eyes feasted on the scenery of Northern Labrador. That’s in Canada for those who are unfamiliar with our great country.

Here’s the description.

Of Places North 2021: An Introduction is the first in a series of videos that explores the isolated regions of Newfoundland and Labrador. These places are mainly accessible by boat. Solitude, spectacular scenery and emotional experiences make cruising coastal regions of this province memorable. I visit places in Notre Dame Bay, Northern Peninsula, and Southern Labrador.

Ed is a sailor, and you’ll see his ship in the video a few times. His ability to capture the landscape is fabulous. I knew there were a number of abandoned villages along the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador, but seeing them frozen in time touches the heart in an odd way. The cemeteries, lost and forgotten, create deep emotions with the past. Many have come and gone from these places. While life was harsh, no doubt it was simpler than the grind of modern day.

While the landscape captures my attention, the people who have lived and died there stir the blood. My mother was born on those shores. Her family originally travelled and eventually settled in this province in the early 1800s. The original settler, Thomas Appleby, was a travelling preacher, and I have records of him travelling to various out ports to spread his message.

These are the places I’d love to explore. If I never travelled outside of Canada again, this vast country with its wide array of landscape would keep my curiosity satisfied. The only place I’d regret not visiting would be Scotland, where I want to chase down the ghosts of my ancestors.

Watch Ed O’Reilly’s video here: Of Places North 2021 An Introduction.

I am not responsible for anyone who chooses to run away to see these sights. However, if you do, wait until summer. At the moment, they are in the land of darkness.

8 thoughts on “Touring Northern Labrador by Sail

  1. Love the history on your lineage. I watched part of the video and saw the dolphins jumping out of the water. It reminded me of my trips to Mexico, I see them every day. I’m booked to go in a few weeks, but this never ending virus is concerning. Maybe it was a sign confirming I should go. 🙂

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  2. Sounds and Looks idyllic Diane, and just the place to escape to, and rejuvenate .. Reminds me of the Isles in Scotland, another place close to my heart..
    I have yet to watch the video link…
    Have a wonderful Happy New Year and beyond Diane..

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