Doctors Speak Out

Two very interesting videos crossed my desk in the past week. They provided information on this political health crisis gripping the world. In many respects, these doctors and individuals are the ones being suppressed by governments. You won’t see these people or this information on Liberal-owned, Bill Gates-funded and drug company-sponsored media.

Why do I say Bill Gates-funded media? He gave 319 million to major news outlets. Here’s one story on Children’s Health Defense website: Conflict of Interest? Bill Gates Gave $319 Million to Major Media Outlets, Documents Reveal. There are many more stories about this money transfer, so go to a source you think is reliable. One is at the Seattle Times.

Why do I say drug company-funded? If you’ve seen the montage of Pfizer-sponsored news shows, you’ll know what I mean. However, the next time you’re watching a major news show, pay attention to who sponsors it. These news outlets that are paid millions by drug companies don’t want to say negative things about one of their largest advertisers.

The Two Interesting Videos

Video 1: EducateB4UVaccinate.mp4. This event, held by Voters of Canada, was a presentation by three doctors who practice in British Columbia. They revealed the lack of information provided to Canadians who opt to participate in this experimental drug.

WAIT – What the fuck!

The video is gone. I checked before I posted, and the censors have already taken it down. Why don’t I trust government and these experimental inoculations? Because government, corrupt media and anti-social media giants suppress the truth. They do not allow information to flow. They censor and threaten doctors, scientists, virologists and anyone who doesn’t say exactly what they want them to say.

Video 2: Canadian Covid Care Alliance: First “Do no harm.” That’s what doctors are supposed to do. This video explains how the numbers were manipulated during studies for the experimental inoculation.

Description: Pfizer’s own 6 month report data on its COVID-19 inoculation shows that greater illness and death in the inoculation arm than the placebo arm. Plus, poor trial design, missing data, underpowered studies, passive surveillance and more. For the PDF of this presentation visit:

Replacement Video: Because the first video has been censored, here’s another. It’s very long, just over two hours. It’s a discussion about the ‘pandemic’ and governments’ response. The key speaker is Dr. Mike Yeadon. Before the spring of 2020, he was highly regarded in his field. His specialty is vaccines and viruses. As soon as he questioned this ‘pandemic’, he was blacklisted and censored.

Watch the video here: Nuremberg Code 2.0 Lawyer Dr. Reiner Fuellmich Dr. Mike Yeadon The Fog Is Lifting.

Pay Attention We can ignore this information and hope for the best. Or we can get informed and do our own research.

3 thoughts on “Doctors Speak Out

    • There are already people writing books on the topic. Some have already been published. I don’t think I have the ability to tolerate the exposure to all the BS. It would make me angrier. I think part of the reason I am immune to the hypnotic messaging is because I don’t watch TV, listen to the news or read the Liberal garbage known as newspapers.

      That said, I have contemplated writing a summary of these events in book form for myself to remind me of what truly happened. I’ve saved many news articles from the start, when I thought this was a real pandemic. I stopped gathering information in April 2020.

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