Hello Government that serves me,

I’ve got a problem. You’re too involved in my life. You’re supposed to be seen and not heard. Over the past two years, you have put great effort into taking more control over me and other Canadian citizens. While some have knelt to your demands and look to you as a father figure, there are many who just want to be left alone. We don’t need or want you to be a helicopter mom, hovering overhead and telling us what we can and cannot do. We are adults. We like our freedom. Yes, we fall sometimes and bruise our knees, but that’s okay. We understand there are risks to living on planet Earth. One of those risks is dying.

Which brings me to this medical mandate you are excited to impose upon us. While I know many who flat out reject the COVID inoculation (it ain’t a vaccine), I’ll speak for myself, but there are millions of Canadians who feel this way.

I am a healthy individual. Actually, that doesn’t matter. My age, sex or what I do for a living also doesn’t matter. Nothing in my life matters except that I am a Canadian citizen, and as a Canadian citizen…

No, that doesn’t matter either. I am human. As a human, I have certain rights regardless of which country I live in, which country I’m a citizen of and which ancestors I lay claim to. Call these rights whatever you want. For some, they are God-given rights. For others, they are natural rights. Governments don’t grant them, but the often suppress them.

One of the rights I stand by and will never give up is sovereign right of my body. If that means getting a tattoo, sky diving or eating an entire pizza, then I have the right to do that. Those are silly things, so lets cut to the quick: I decide what medical treatments are right for me. I decide what goes into this body, not you or anyone else.

To make my point blunt: I reject your proposed government mandate to inject a foreign substance into my body. Got that? I will never get what you call COVID vaccine. Bringing in mandates won’t change that. Changing the definition of vaccine won’t change that. Making me, a law-biding citizen who doesn’t even have a speeding ticket, a criminal by refusing your authoritarian mandate for a medical treatment won’t change my mind either.

I could list all the reasons why I refuse this injection, but I’ll only say this: it is unnatural and unnecessary and goes against everything I believe. I could list the facts that prove these injections are untested and unsafe, but it boils down to this: I’ve done thorough research, and not only are these injections not right for me, but they can be extremely dangerous. This is not up for debate. Me, myself and I have discussed the information, and it’s unanimous: we reject the injection.

Finally, this is to the Liberal Party of Canada. Tell your party leader to stop threatening me. I pay his salary to represent me, but he’s making a fool of himself and Canada. Threatening Canadian citizens is illegal. Inciting violence against a particular group of citizens is illegal. His speech on La semaine des Julie where he called me misogynistic and racist threatens me further. In fact, I demand he be removed from office and charged with inciting violence. No one holding those opinions or saying those things about Canadians should be a leader of Canada. If there was ever a case of hate speech, there it is.

To the opposing political parties: Why are you not holding Justin Trudeau accountable for his hate speech? Why are you letting him speak about Canadians in this manner? I demand you remove him from office. If you do nothing, it means you support him and agree with his threats, which makes you no better than he.

To the media: you’re useless. The government-owned CBC needs to be defunded, both TV and radio. You have long outlived your usefulness. To all other corporate-funded media, you are nothing more than government mouthpieces. The lies you spiel make you a threat to Canada’s democracy. I have long lost faith in you. If any of you had a backbone, you’d be calling out Trudeau for his hate speech and his threats. You have become obsolete. I stopped listen and watching in the spring of 2020. Not that I listened to you much beforehand. Many years ago, I saw how the media spun stories to get a specific reaction from readers, and I’ve seen criminals painted as the victim. Oh, the lies you tell.

In closing, I’ll repeat: It is illegal to make any medical treatment mandatory. It goes against natural rights as well as the Nuremburg Code. I demand you stop this threat to my well-being immediately. And you know where you can stick your medical passports. My personal medical information is between me, myself and I. No one else. I choose who I share it with.

These inoculations must be a choice by the individual made without coercion. Otherwise, we are creating another dark period in Canada’s history.

While some will think me a fool for rejecting this experimental, untested COVID inoculation, that’s okay. I’m not offended. I think people who eat at McDonalds and every other fast-food joint are fools. And don’t get me started on people who smoke and vape.

If the Canadian government had a flawless reputation, perhaps I’d give more weight to their argument, but they don’t (cough, Japanese Internment camps; thalidomide; residential schools). Government and the politicians who form it are always to be questioned. Our lives depend on that questioning.


Diane Tibert, Canadian Citizen

PS: Any one who advocates for their freedom to be taken away is a fool and detrimental to their self and others.

Sent to: John A. MacDonald, MLA Hants East; Tim Houston, Nova Scotia Premier; Liberal Party of Canada

7 thoughts on “Hello Government that serves me,

    • Thank you. I encourage everyone to stand by their rights, and to write to their government to state they will not give up their freedom to choose. That’s what it boils down to: freedom to choose how we want to live.


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