Gardening YouTube Channel Launch

I’m addicted to gardening as much as I am writing. I write about gardening a lot on my McGyver page. In the early 2000s, I wrote a gardening column called Garden Tales. It appeared for a few years in several newspapers published in Nova Scotia.

For some time, I’ve thought about resurrecting the column, but I’ve opted instead for a YouTube channel. After all, it is a column, only a visual one.

Today, I launched Gardening Magic with my introduction video. It’s available here: Introducing Gardening Magic.

If you want to learn more about gardening, please subscribe. If you like the video, hit the LIKE button and leave a comment. I aim to keep videos short and to the point. Ten minutes or less.

Happy Gardening.

Planting a garden is believing in the future.

10 thoughts on “Gardening YouTube Channel Launch

  1. Thanks. There’s extra satisfaction when we gather seeds from plants and germinate them. A seed the size of a grain of sand can grow three feet tall. It’s like magic.

    Congratulations on your successes.


  2. Great idea. I’ll take a look. I like gardening, too. Such great fun watching something you’ve raised come to fruition. My latest things are some canna I raised from seeds gathered from one of my mature plants, and an orchid I raised from a side shoot put up as the parent plant died. It’s currently flowering.

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