Truckers Convoy: Voice of the People

Unless you’re living under a rock or social media ban, you have heard about the estimated 150,000 truckers who are embarking on a journey from their home province to Canada’s capital in Ottawa. Along the way, they are greeted and cheered on by hundreds of thousands of Canadians lining roadways and overpasses. Young and old are waving Canadian flags and holding signs of support. Smiling faces and ‘thumbs up’ give them hope they will prevail in their mission.

No, it’s not our young men suiting up and being transported across the Atlantic Ocean to fight the evil forces to ensure our freedom, but when I watch the videos, it strikes a chord in my heart that feels similar. These trucks aren’t carrying guns and grenades. They’re carrying men and women who are the life line to our supply chain. Without them, all goods stop flowing, store shelves empty and people across the country starve.

They are a force government can’t ignore. Without them, the country collapses.

The truckers’ mission is the same as our soldiers: they’re fighting to secure the freedom of every Canadian regardless of vaccine status, race, sex or political affiliation. Many of these truckers and those who support them have received the ‘vaccine’, but they realise the government is stealing their freedom and that of their children and grandchildren. The freedom to assemble, the freedom to choose our medical treatment, the freedom to travel within our borders and every other freedom brave men and women have fought for in Canada since we became a country.

While government continues to divide us, we stand united against one thing: government infringing on our freedom.

If you are getting your news from only corporate-funded and corporate-controlled media, than you’re not getting the full story. In fact, the media wasn’t even talking about it until it got so large they couldn’t ignore it any longer.

Word has it, this is the largest convoy that’s ever been created and will smash the Guinness World Record. According to this story at News Concerns, The largest parade of trucks consisted of 480 trucks and is achieved by Tahya Misr Fund (Egypt), in Cairo, Egypt, on 20 November 2020,” Guinness says on its website.

Comparing 480 trucks to 150,000 is, well, like comparing $480 to $150,000. This record won’t be smashed. It will be annihilated and will stand for the rest of my lifetime.

After two years of fear mongering, false data, false hope, false promises, lies, deception, censoring, exorbitant spending our taxpayer money, lockdowns, restrictions, mandates, school closures and ‘misinformation’, all in the goal to ‘save grandma’ and ‘flatten the curve’, it’s time to take back our freedom.

From the interviews and videos posted by truckers themselves, they plan to remain on the streets of Ottawa until all mandates across the country are dropped. No doubt, Trudeau and his cohorts are trying to find ways to block access to the city before the truckers arrive. However, he should consider these truckers the voice of the people and the official opposition party because the Progressive Conservatives are doing nothing to uphold the rights and freedoms of Canadians.  

The minor inconvenience the convoy gives to those encountering it is nothing compared what will happen if government continues to strip us of our rights and freedom. Short-term pain for long-term gain.

When you see this convoy, give a toot of your horn and a wave. Cheer them on. They stand for our freedom and that of our children and grandchildren.

Many of us can’t go to Ottawa, but we can show our support and give them a bigger voice by sharing the news of the convoy on social media. Fill every feed with news of the trucker convoy. Inundate the space, so government and corporate-funded media can’t squash the story.

Together we stand; divided we fall.

Here are a few clips of the convoy. They warm the cockles of my heart. I had little pride for Canada the past two years. Actually, it’s been waning for the past ten years with all the nonsense in government. Now, my heart is bursting with pride. Finally, the true Canadian spirit has once again arisen from the fields and factories, the roads and sidewalks, and the mountains and the prairies. From coast to coast, we stand as one.

Keep in mind, this convoy is travelling during the worst time of year in Canada: the dead of winter. They’ll meet snow, ice and strong winds and have only about nine and a half hours of daylight. On top of that, the highest fuel prices ever.

Appropriately, they are travelling on the Highway of Heroes.

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