How much does it cost to bribe radio stations?

How much, do you think? Or maybe the question is how were they threatened? Did government threaten to remove their advertising messages from radio stations, in turn reducing ad revenue by hundreds of thousands of dollars?

Country 101.9 FM radio in Halifax, Nova Scotia, you sicken me. Because of my father listening to you, CHFX, I also listened to you. Today, you showed your true modern-day colours.

This morning, when the song ended, unlike all times in the past two years, I decided to listen to the 8 o’clock news instead of switching to another station playing a song. I had nothing better to do than shiver, sitting on my hands, hoping my frozen fingers would stop aching from the cold while the truck heated up to remove the frost on the windshield. It was -19 degrees Celsius.

What I wanted to hear was the news about the Truckers Convoy for Freedom heading to Ottawa. Trucks from Newfoundland disembarked in North Sydney last night (watch video here), and another ferry was on the way. The person in the video said they were headed for Enfield, Nova Scotia, to meet up with others in the convoy and head for Ottawa.

Living near Enfield meant everyone I knew was making plans to either attend the send off or get around it to get to work.

However, the news on 101.9 didn’t mention the convoy or the truckers. Nothing. Zip. Radio silence. When it came to traffic, they said the bridge traffic was light, and get this, “It’s a little busy on the 102 Highway near Enfield” but otherwise there were no traffic issues.

I sat in shock, wondering how they could not speak of the biggest battle for our freedom since the Second World War. The tone in the woman’s voice as she said “busy” told me she knew, but she couldn’t say, or didn’t want to say.

Fuck you, Bitch!

Here’s a video shot this morning at Enfield: Truckers Freedom Convoy Enfield, Nova Scotia Jan 27, 2022

I suppose you could call that busy, just a small number of people living on the fringe.

I kid you not when I say this Truckers Convoy for Freedom is not a ‘fringe minority group’ (Bastard Trudeau); it’s the voice of the people. It’s the majority. It’s estimated one million people driving trucks, cars and whatever else gets them there, plan to descend on Ottawa this weekend. Millions of supporters line roadways to cheer them on.

A fringe minority would not have been able to raise more than seven million dollars in a week to support them. That’s how much Canadians have given to support these soldiers for freedom.

If you don’t know about this convoy and don’t see it on your regular news outlet, search the Internet. Thousands of videos and stories are making the rounds. It’s going world wide. Thousands of truckers from the United States are joining in. I also heard a rumour our convoy has inspired the Truckies in Australia to start a convoy to battle for their freedom.

The world is watching Canada.

When media speaks about this convoy, they use negative language. They also say it’s an anti-vax protest. Some go as far as calling them terrorists. Most say it’s the truckers protesting the mandate for truck drivers to get vaxxed. But it’s not that.

This convoy is going to Ottawa to demand all mandates forced onto all Canadians be lifted and freedom restored. They are also demanding Trudeau’s resignation.

But don’t believe me. Do an Internet search and find news about this convoy. Don’t take all your news from corporate-funded and corporate-owned media. Or maybe they should just be called corrupt media.

I highly recommend not using CBC radio or television as your source. They are owned and controlled by the government. They say only what government wants them to say.

The official opposition won’t stand up for Canadians, and their leader won’t say he supports the truckers: O’Toole grilled on whether he supports truckers protest. His only solution is the experimental, clot shot.

This tells me, it doesn’t matter who I voted for or which party gets in, they use the same agenda.

This convoy will go down in Canadian history. Our hope is riding on its success.

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