Free the Children from Tyranny

There are many images circulating across the Internet of children holding hands at the Windsor, Ontario, Truckers for Freedom Convoy protest. It has sparked outrage in a small fringe minority of the population. Parents at these protests have been called names and labelled as crazy, cowards and child-abusers for using these children as a so-called Human Shield.

My questions are:

From who and what should these children fear? The Canadian government? The Canadian armed forces? The Royal Canadian Mounted Police? A lunatic like the one who ploughed down peaceful protesters in Winnipeg on February 4th?

Would the people in the government, military and police actually kill or harm these children to remove protesters?

That speaks more about the lack of integrity of those forces than that of the parents of the children.

But first, let’s put this into perspective. I am against using children in a military operation to protect soldiers. We’ve seen that action deployed elsewhere in the world. Woman and children used as human shields to protect a military force that expects to be bombed or attacked by missiles.

Should the peaceful protesters in Canada fear grenades, missiles and bombs? I hope not because that is not the Canada I want to live in.

Psychological Warfare

Government has been using children as virtual human shields for grandparents since this political pandemic began. According to experts, this is one of the most effective ways to manipulate and control a person’s behaviour: to hold them responsible for the health and well-being of someone they love. Doing this to children is criminal. And evil.

Over the past two years, the results of government telling children they are responsible for their grandparents’ deaths has created an enormous strain on their mental health. Self-harm has drastically increased along with alcohol and drug abuse amongst teens. And let us not forget about the increase in suicides. Like cancer, we now all know someone who has either failed at committing suicide or succeeded in doing so.

Two Outcomes

If my children were still young and I was at the Windsor protest, I would have encouraged them to participate, to hold hands and stand for freedom.


Glad asked.

As the result of government action the past two years, we are going to have children who will fall into two categories: terrified and empowered.

The terrified group are those currently kept home, masked when they leave the house, even for bike rides with friends. They are told they need to obey all the rules to protect the health of everyone around them, including their elderly relatives. They are directed to take the ‘vaccine’ to do their part in saving society and that anyone who doesn’t follow the rules and get the inoculation are bad people.

In the future, these children won’t question authority, will constantly feel the weight of the world on their shoulders and discriminate against anyone who chooses to not obey government rules.

I see these children living limited lives with anxiety and severe mental health issues, which leads to physical health issues. I feel for these children. They have been stripped of the opportunity to be just children. Free-spirited with the world as their stage.

The empowered group of children will learn to question authority and not blindly accept facts from government-controlled media. They won’t feel helpless or live in fear of harming those around them. They will learn when the common person stands for freedom, their voice is heard. They will accept others for their differences, and stand beside those who fight for a common cause.

Instead of hiding at home, cowering in fear, these children are doing something. Doing something that empowers them. It inspires. It creates a healthy mind and body.

These empowered children are the ones I want to be leaders in the future. The fearless, the ones who stand for freedom, the ones who have learned actions mean more than words.

How do we empower children?

By allowing them to participate. Showing them it is okay to stand for their rights and freedom, for truth and justice. The children in that human chain at Windsor will feel the spirit of togetherness. They are not alone.

They will feel like they can actually do something to improve their lives.

Remember, these are the children who have been muzzled for almost two years, both in the classroom and playground. They have every right to protest the wearing of useless masks. They have a 99.99% survival rate against this virus.

The children are our future. What they experience in their first seven years dictates the adults they will become.

Do we want children to be masked and silenced forever? Or is it time to free their spirit and let them live? If you’ve seen raw footage of the protest in Ottawa, you’ll have seen the smiling faces of the children. For some, this is the first time in two years they have felt this free and happy. They have hope.

This stand for freedom is for them.

[All images curtesy of Pixabay.]

12 thoughts on “Free the Children from Tyranny

  1. I can’t comment in on the protest, I live in the UK and tbh have not seen anything about it, from your comments I think that here in the UK they have tried to ensure as much normality as possible for the youngest children. The one thing I do want to mention is your 99.99% survival which while it may be true is not as trauma free as the number suggest. I speak as a grandparent who had to rush home from work a couple of weeks ago to watch my grand daughter as my four year old grandson was taken to hospital with a temp of 39.6 degrees, for 48 hours he was very poorly and the main risk is the potential for fits from the temp rather than other covid symptoms. A few days later he was back to his normal self but I tell you watching him lifted limp, pale and barely conscious into an ambulance is a reminder that those numbers mean nothing if your loved one is the wrong percentage. I work in a supermarket, have worked all the way through the pandemic, I have not had covid but I do take precautions, I think the reality is if everyone had (here in the UK anyway) been sensible and used common sense then this would have been over in the first six months.

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    • I would love to agree with you, that all would be back to normal if everything was done right in the first six months. However, the longer this goes on and the more insane rules they come up with, I no longer believe it is about our health. It is about control, and Dictator Trudeau has proven that today, once again. We are now a police state. Canada is being made an example of.

      Glad to hear your grandson is doing well. Kids are resilient.

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    • Dear Paula

      Hello from the UK. I am sorry for your grandson. 39.6 C is very high. I had a temperature of probably 40 C at age 15 when I had what was allegedly German measles at boarding school. It took me the whole summer to get full energy back.

      However, this is what the ‘flu does to you, and usually due to low vitamin D levels. February in French is Février, the fever month, the low point of the year when many get the ‘flu or Covid 19 as it is now known after re-branding in 2020.

      I have been trying to point out these obvious facts that people used to know but forgot due to dumbing down of the education system.

      The ‘flu is seasonal typically although some people’s vitamin D levels are low for much of the time if they stay away from the sun which ultimately can give you the D you require for much of the year if you do the right things.

      This of course is essentially free, but big pharma don’t care for free as it doesn’t make much money!

      I suggest your grandsons D levels be tested to see what they are. In the UK this can be done privately (about £30 I believe), although the NHS should do this given how much we pay for it in taxes.

      Please bear in mind what is normal is average and not optimal and can be much higher than the authorities, who should know better, will tell you.

      Kind regards

      Kind regards

      Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

      Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

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      • I did not know that meaning for February. Thank you.

        As for Vitamin D, which is really a hormone, I did know. When this all came down in the spring of 2020, and I had learned about the positive affects of Vitamin D, a quick google search revealed most in North America are deficient in this vitamin. This told me the United States was going to get hit hard.

        Knowing this, one would think government, doctors, scientists and the media would be shouting this from the roof tops. Take vitamin D!!!! Yet, not a peep.

        I take about 3000 IU every day. I know I can easily take more, but I’ve been taking it for years, and I spend a large amount of time outdoors. By mid-April, I’m outside about 10 hours a day until early October.

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        • Thank you Diane, and I am so pleased to hear you understand about vitamin D. I had forgotten the little I understood until 2020 when I woke up as it were.

          But I knew enough perhaps to say to people ‘The cure for Covid 19 is in the name. C Or VItamin D, stress on the capital letters.’ It was very odd, I just knew it meant that very early on in lockdown.

          I have take supplements myself to help deal with the effects of toxic poisoning from sodium nitrite (E250) unwittingly ingested in bacon. I will write a post on my site in due course to explain more.

          I have taken 195,000 IU over 17 days with max 35,000 in one day (7 x 5,000 IU). I assume they were as they said on the container, but I am still here anyway with no obvious ill effects!

          But the best ones I have, I believe, come as 2,000 IU with 200 mcg of K-2. K-2 is supposed to stop risk of furring of arteries from excessive vitamin D dosing I understand.

          As regards government, doctors, scientists and the media, well you get some, but otherwise it’s ‘Take the vaccine, take the vaccine, (give us your money, give us your money), take the vaccine, take the vaccine’!!!

          The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

          But the Sun is coming back in the northern hemisphere and the world is waking up to the Gross Fraud so matters are looking up.

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          • I had to check my bacon for sodium nitrate. Happily, it’s not in there. It is made locally by a small meat market and contains: Pork, Spices, Salt, Wood smoke. I assume they’d have to list it if it was there.

            That’s a lot of Vitamin D. I’ve listened to Dr. Berg talk about taking K2 with Vitamin D to ward off other problems.

            Yup, the sun has returned, and when it is shining at noon, I sit or lay in it for an hour each day. After upping my Vitamin D a few months ago and with the sun returning, I feel energized. It’s quite amazing what the sun can do. I’m guess this is one reason humans worshipped it centuries ago.

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  2. I live in Ottawa and am a victim of the trucker protest. Logistics for the downtown protest were arranged by ex RCMP and ex military. They weaponized the big rigs and encouraged truckers to bring their children so as to forestall police action and possible violence. Guns have been confiscated from the truck cabs. Those children will DEFINITELY have permanent hearing damage. Imagine being stuck in front of the equivalent of rock concert speakers day and night for almost 2 weeks. Children’s Aid is very concerned. Do not be fooled by happy flag-waving protesters chanting freedom, and children playing on bouncy castles. This is a thoroughly planned assault on democracy aka anarchy, and an example to right wing anarchists around the world on how to successfully weaponize children.


    • Thanks for your comment. I’ve been watching live stream from various sources since the peaceful protest began on January 29th. I’ve seen the ex-RCMP and ex-military men you speak of interviewed. Their comments has given me confidence that the protest will remain peaceful and that the people in the trucks will be supported with food, water and fuel. They have also guaranteed the security of the War Memorial, the Tomb of the Unknown soldier and other monuments. They have also organised groups to keep streets cleaned of snow and garbage to be picked up.

      What they are standing for is vital to our freedom. If you can’t see that, there is no way I will change your mind.

      Having children involved in this democratic process, showing them their voice will be heard even when they remain peaceful is vital. The poor example is the riots and looting from the terrorist groups BLM and ANITIFA. Giving children a voice, giving them the ability to have power over their world is so important for their development, it can’t be measured.

      I have seen no report of weapons being found in trucks. I have not even heard of trucks being searched. If you got that from a government-controlled media (that’s CBC, CTV and all the major outlets), then I’ll call it a lie. That’s what they do best. Nothing they report anymore will be believed.

      There is no evidence these kids will have permanent hearing damage. I well recall the claims when headphones became popular in the 80s, and we were warned we’d all have hearing damage. Here, I sit today with no damage. I had a walkman and used headphones for years. The volume was seldom low.

      Children’s Aid is an arm of the government, and government is using everything to end this peaceful protest without giving the voice of the Canadian people a chance to be heard.

      If you do not realised how deep Trudeau is in the World Economic Forum and how he is turning Canada into China, then I cannot help you. Do you realise where digital passports lead?

      This protest is not an assault on democracy. It is the restoration of democracy.

      Conspiracy theory, you say. Okay. So if it is, and I am wrong, and these protests end and we move out of this pandemic and resume life, then you can laugh at me, and go on your merry way.

      If I am right and we continue to allow government to lead us down this path of digital ID and ultimately tracking, then we all suffer. No one will be laughing.

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    • Dear Madelle

      I think you must be slightly mad as your name implies. Perhaps you have ignored the psychological damage done by lockdowns and masks on children. Let alone the use of pointless if not harmful vaccines. I hope Children’s Aid is very concerned about that if they weren’t already. They have had nearly two years of nonsense so I trust this is the case.

      In truth it is the Nazis/Marxists and communists now in governments who are leading the insanity over the seasonal ‘flu, turned into a scary ‘monster’ by constant advertising (a.k.a lying). The Nazis etc of course all came out of Germany.

      Fascinatingly, anagraming your name indicates that ‘la German model’ is a possible solution. I hope you are not German, although this would explain your comment.

      Kind regards

      Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

      Please excuse the nom-de-plume, this is as much for fun as a riddle for people to solve if they wish.

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      • Here we sit, three weeks after peaceful protests began, a police state. Government will not recognize my rights and freedom as an individual.

        I wonder how Madelle Morgan feels now. Reports from Ottawa citizens who live near parliament say things have turned horrible. They must go through check-points and show their papers to go home or walk their dog.

        If this were a novel, we’d be at the, ‘It just got interesting’ stage.

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