Lies are Like Toothpaste

When we accidentally squeeze out too much toothpaste, we don’t bother pushing it back in. We either put it on the brush or wash the excess down the sink. Returning the excess would be messy, and we know even if we tried hard,  we’d never get all the paste back into the tube.

If we were determined, we could break the seal at the opposite end but even then, we know some toothpaste would be wasted, stuck to our fingers, suck around the edge to be cleaned off and thrown away.

That’s how a lie is. Once it enters public space, it spreads and try as we may to correct it, there will ultimately be those who continue to believe the lie because they’ve invested in the lie or because they never heard the truth about the lie.

Politicians and government-owned and funded media know this. It’s why they tell lies. Their goal is not to convince the majority of the lie. Convincing only 10% is success to them.

This post was inspired by a tragedy that occurred in Nova Scotia last week. Government owned, funded and controlled CBC lead with this headline

Stats with the above article. Fewer than 100 people in hospital in a province of one million.

Later PC Premier of Nova Scotia Tim Houston posted the news to his Facebook and Twitter accounts.

It didn’t take long for the family of the little boy to speak up and tell the world he did not die of, with or from COVID. This lie has caused this family more heartbreak because they have been inundated with calls and messages to provide more information. Instead of grieving for their loss, they are dealing with the media and the public.

Three days later, Houston has not made any statement about his ‘mistake’, and his posts are still up. Here’s his Facebook Account where people are expressing their anger and frustration with this lie.

Unfortunately, some who hear this lie will never learn it was a lie. They will believe that a child in Nova Scotia has died of COVID, when none have. And sadly, even some who are told this was a lie will refuse to believe it, and continue to believe instead a child has died.

This lie was exposed. Countless others go unexposed.

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