General Update and Book Reviews

To say the first 2 1/2 months of 2022 have been extremely busy is an understatement. It’s a good busy, so I can’t complain. While I organise my week and spend my Sunday listening to Kris Kristofferson and the wisdom on life he shares in his many songs, I’m looking at the book reviews I’ve started and created notes for.

I’ll start posting this week. I wrote a few movie reviews, too, so I might get them up. My intentions are good but when I get busy, I lose track of a lot.

In other news, Allan Hudson of The Miramichi Reader reviewed Natural Selection. The review was posted January 24th. It’s available here: Natural Selection by Diane McGyver.

I’ll leave you with my favourite Sunday song: Sunday Morning Coming Down written and performed by the one and only Kris Kristofferson, a man whose voice snatches me from whatever stray path I’m lost on and drops me where I belong.

This song, along with many others he sings, grounds me in what is real. It returns me to the good, simple times of the 70s and early 80s. Those were the good old days even if we were poor. I can only dream of spinning phrases like Kristofferson, yet I try.

2 thoughts on “General Update and Book Reviews

    • I agree, Darlene. It’s a sad song, yet after all these decades, it creates a feeling of that time I miss dearly. Being poor in the 70s was easier than today because everyone was in the same boat, same storm.

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