“The One We Forgot to Love”

This afternoon, I met with local author, Sandy Totten. She contacted me the last week of January about her book, The One We Forgot to Love and hired me to walk her through the steps of publishing it. I also edited the manuscript and designed the cover and interior.

The proof arrived from Amazon yesterday (Tuesday), so we got together to discuss it. She had ordered the book last Wednesday. That is the fastest delivery time I’ve ever seen with KDP Print. CreateSpace used to be this fast, but I thought that luxury was gone when KDP Print took over. I was wrong. At least for this shipment.

The One We Forgot to Love Description

Will a mother’s love save her family or destroy it?

Addie finds the fairy tale life she’s dreamed about: loving husband, two amazing children, satisfying career. She has what every woman wants, yet something isn’t right. That something starts small, but over the years grows into a force that threatens to shatter her world.

The silent stalker lurking in our minds knows no bounds. Mental illness has destroyed many lives and will continue to do so.

The One We Forgot to Love  is Sandy Totten’s first novel. Reflecting back on her own life experience, she weaves the fictional story of one who battles the invisible opponent and the loved ones who share her struggles. It is a heartwarming tale of a loving family learning to see the world from different perspectives and fighting to stay together against all odds.

The novel is suitable for teens as well as adults.

Get The One We Forgot to Love now. Read it. Share it with friends and family. We never know who is suffering in silence, and this story might just trigger the conversation that saves a life.

Where can we buy the book?

The book will be released in eBook and paperback versions within two weeks. It will be available at Amazon and directly from the author.

I’ll post an interview with Sandy on this blog around the launch date.

Looking to publish your book?

If you’ve written a book and need a hand publishing it, I’m here to help. I own Quarter Castle Publishing, and I offer two packages and several individual services, including cover and interior design.

Check out the Book Publishing Services page for details. All covers on the site were designed by me. The newer ones are better than the older ones as I continue to develop my skill.

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