Book Review: “The One We Forgot to Love” by Sandy Totten

The One We Forgot to Love by Sandy Totten was written from the perspective of a mother who watched one of her children suffer with a silent enemy. While this is a fictional story, like all writers, Totten injects real-life experiences into it.

The members of the family – Addie, Dexter, Seri and Ivy – tell their version of events, and all four perspectives intertwine to give readers an excellent view of the big picture. Readers are left knowing more than the characters of how relationships can suffer when communication breaks down.

After a few chapters, you might think you know the full scope of the problem, but Totten weaves in hints throughout to provide a different view of family members that will change your mind. The ending was a twist I hadn’t expected.

What else does it contain? Hockey. The family is a hockey family, and Dexter coaches his two daughters in the game of their life.

Given the growing number of people in society suffering with anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts and OCD, stories like this provide hope. My hope is they trigger conversations before tragedy happens.

The book is suitable for teens as young as 14. While there is a mild sex scene and an almost encounter, there are few details. There are only five F-bombs, so it’s not littered with foul language.

My Amazon and Goodreads Review

The One We Forgot to Love is a story told by four people each suffering in their own way. While we learn about the obvious culprit in the room in the first chapter, we don’t understand the full scope of the problem until several chapters later. Totten scatters hints throughout and creatively exposes the truth about each character. The need for communication is paramount in every relationship, but it can be tragic when invisible forces inject their will and no one understands. Identifying the villain is only half the battle.

Where Can I Buy the Book?

The book is available in eBook, paperback and hardcover at Amazon.

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