It’s time for me to Celebrate me

That post title might sound self-centred but the fact is, I don’t celebrate me. I celebrate everyone else. Whether they write a book, have a birthday or get a new job. I stopped celebrating myself about two decades ago. It was one small thing at a time, telling myself, “It’s not that big. It really doesn’t make a difference. Anyone can do that. I’m no one special. Everyone has a birthday. What’s the big deal?”

Yup, I stopped celebrating my birthday years ago. It’s just a day. I don’t want anything, yet my family remembers. I get a cake and gifts, but if the day passed without any happy birthday wishes, cake or gifts, I wouldn’t think anything of it because, it’s only the day I was born, nothing special.

Perhaps it is because life is too busy, my children’s birthdays are more important or the world is too crazy. I don’t know how I slipped into the habit of not celebrating me. All I know is it’s wrong. I need to celebrate my birthday. I need to celebrate my accomplishments.

On my journey of self-improvement, trying to find out who I am now and what path I should be on, I’ve listened to many motivational speakers. This week, it’s Mel Robbins. You might know her for the Five-second Rule or the High-five Rule. If you haven’t heard of her, track her down.

Some of her videos are long, two hours or more. I listen to her while I’m working in the kitchen, making cookies, washing dishes, etc. For about half the conversation, I’m only half listening. Then I hear something that hits home, and I stop what I’m doing and listen carefully. Sometimes it hits so deeply, it brings tears to my eyes. I haven’t treated myself well lately. I haven’t stood up for me. I haven’t been there for me. I do this for others, but I’ve neglected me, the most important person in my life.

The podcast I finished listening to today is: Be More CONFIDENT With The High Five Habit | Mel Robbins | Rich Roll Podcast. This is the fourth podcast/interview I watched with Mel Robbins. I need to hear an idea several times described in various ways to get it into my brain. I have strong, bad habits that do not serve me well. Self-doubt, lack of confidence and lack of celebrating myself are a few.

In this particular video, she covers most of the topics in her books, and she adds the bit about celebrating ourselves. That’s when I realised I failed to do that.

5 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1 – GO! I’m going to start celebrating myself. I’ll do it personally and publicly. On this Friday, my first fantasy novel, the book that started it all was published 10 years ago. That’s worth celebrating. I’ve come a long way since then.

I think I’m going to turn Friday into celebration days. I won’t only celebrate myself on those days. I’ll celebrate others, too. Who? You’ll have to wait to find out.

Just think this thought:

Something amazing is going to happen.

6 thoughts on “It’s time for me to Celebrate me

  1. It’s always great to celebrate ourselves. But you should acknowledge your birthday. I used to say to my husband I dreaded getting another year older. He always reminded the alternative was not good. 🙂

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    • Yes, we do, yet I didn’t. I was so busy on Friday, I was hardly on the computer. I did not expect it and the weekend to be filled with other things. Now, Thanks.

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