“Northern Survival” Sales Update

Northern Survival

In September 2020, I launched Northern Survival. Unlike many other times when launching a book, this time, I had a marketing plan, and I had about $300 to operate it. My fingers were crossed that I’d recoup that money within the first three months. I’m not a gambler, but the risk paid off, and the money came back to me.

I’m closing in on the two-year anniversary of the launch, and I’m happy to say that the initial energy, time and money spent on Northern Survival is still paying off. Sales are not as brisk as when it was first published. However, it continues to sell. By the end of June, I’m predicting I’ll reach 100,000 pages read in KENP by Kindle Unlimited Members. To date, I have 96,073 pages read and 866 eBooks and paperbacks sold. I keep track of this monthly in the margin to your right beneath the Northern Survival ad.

My book is 251 pages, so dividing that into 96,073 pages is the equivalent of 382 books that have been read in this format. This brings the total number of books sold to 1,248.


Reviews are extremely important to book sales, and I worked hard to get them the first three months of launch. Currently, at Amazon.com, there are 63 reviews. With a 4.5 average. There are also several on Goodreads.

Reviews for Promotion

Did you know that some companies won’t accept your ad if you don’t have a minimum number of reviews? They often need a minimum of 5 reviews either 4 stars or better. Some need 10. Sometimes there are exceptions for books less than one month from publication, but sometimes there are not, so authors have to work fast to encourage reviews to promote their books. I didn’t know this until I started looking for websites and newsletters to place my promotional ads.

So if you’re planning a book launch, get those reviews early through ARC copies, and have those reviewers set to post to Amazon as soon as the book is launched. Goodreads reviews help, but many ad websites look to Amazon.

Northern Survival contains everything I want in a book: adventure, survival, wilderness, hiking, fishing, boating, camping, sassy characters, animal encounters, romance, cranberries, navigation, humour, craziness, first aid, ingenuity and reminiscing about the best time to be alive: the 1980s.

The two main characters are in their early 50s, are healthy, fit, out-going with a lot of life left in them. It’s not your typical survival, romance story. But I think it’s believable, particularly if the individuals are active in life. They may not travel as fast as 20-year-olds, but they don’t make mistakes like them because they’ve already made them elsewhere in life.

Northern Survival is available to Kindle Unlimited Members and the world at Amazon.

7 thoughts on ““Northern Survival” Sales Update

    • Thank you, Cheryl. I had lots of confidence in this story going into it. That helped a lot. Now I’m working at repeating or bettering that success. It’s like a new rodeo each time.


  1. Wow, that is inspiring Diane. I do have this book, and I will push it up on my reader. I got so behind my reading last year and didn’t read much on my Kindle as I have been on a tear reading grief books to get through. Congrats on all the reviews! 🙂

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    • I’ve got a stack of books to read, too. I wouldn’t even try to guess the number. I picked up 2 more at a second-hand store last week. Eventually, I’ll get to them and all the others. The reviews have been very kind.

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