Today I’m a Featured Author at RG2E Gifting Ebooks!

Diane Lynn McGyverDD Scott at The Writer’s Guide to E-Publishing (WG2E) has a wonderful sister site called Readers Guide to E-Publishing (RG2E).

It’s one of those sites that if you’re a reader, you’re missing out if you don’t visit often or subscribe to the posts. A host of wonderful writers talk about their books and their writing life, and they either have their ebooks available for free, low prices or gift ebook copies to lucky readers. Sometimes, free swag gets thrown into the giftaway basket, so you never know if you’ll walk away with an ebook or an ebook, bookmarks, cards and other goodies.

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I’m a Guest at Alexia’s Chronicles

Bionic WomanToday I have the pleasure of being a guest at Alexia’s Chronicles.

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The Hero Inside Every Woman by Diane Lynn McGyver

Let’s first set the stage: I grew up in a house with seven brothers and two sisters; all but one sibling was older than me. I gravitated towards the boys because they did more enjoyable things—fishing, camping, go-carts, hiking, swimming—than the girls—knitting, dishes, laundry, house-cleaning, baking. Boys also played Cowboys and Indians, Cops and Robbers and various other games where at least one of the cast starred as the hero.

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I’m a Guest at Thea’s Blog

Characters are the essence in a story as corned beef is the heart in Jiggs Dinner. But just like the beef, characters can have no flavour and instead of enticing you to eat read more, you pass on seconds put the book down.

Like corned beef, good characters take time to create. I’ve cured my characters in Shadows of the Stone for several years. Now, they’re almost read to be served (think May 6th). I love my characters, the good, the bad and the ugly. None of them are perfect because perfect characters are boring. Even The Good Guys Must Be Flawed. You can read my thoughts about this in a guest post at Thea Atkinson’s blog.

Shadows in the Stone May 6, 2012