Millions of Trees Destroyed for ‘Green’ Energy

When I read this, I wanted to vomit. I had to check several sources to see if it was true. The Herald Scotland had the article, but I had to dance through hoops to read it, so I opted for this article on Energy Central News: “14 million trees axed to make way for wind farms”.

NEARLY 14 million trees have been chopped down across Scotland to make way for wind turbines.

Read that again. Nearly 14 million trees have been destroyed in the name of protecting the environment. As a lover of trees, this is appalling. If this is the future of green energy, I’ll stick with oil.

Only now, after all those trees, countless homes for wildlife, have been cut down, do they consider “finding a balance between green energy and sustaining forests”. Are they that stupid?

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Second-hand Store Find: Green Family Cookbook

Earlier this week, while searching through the books at our local second-hand store, I came upon Green Family Cookbook – Food, Family & Friends published July 2010.

A handwritten note inside read, “For Bryan. Put together by Auntie Irene Green. Ross. Formatted by Cheryl Green. Frank.”

The book contains a collection of recipes by family members. However, what makes this book valuable are the historical family images between each section.

I have no connection to the Green family, but I love connecting genealogists with pieces of their family history. I bought the book for $1.00 with the intentions that I’d find someone with this Green family in their family tree.

Names and dates are noted with the images, but few places are mentioned. One was Spokane, Washington. It was a below a picture of Charles and Ruth Leonard, who were seniors at the time and displaying a row of fish. It was taken about 1965 – 1970. Above it is a picture of the couple at the wedding of Richard and Sharon Leonard, c.1960.

I’ll post images from the book below to help identify those in this Green family. I am located in Nova Scotia, Canada, but I do not know if this Green family settled here originally or members of the family moved in from other places in North America.

The book is in excellent condition with only a little wear. If you are connected to this family and would like to have the book, the only cost is my $1.00 for the purchase and the cost of postage to mail it to you.

It contains 140 pages and consists of recipes, images and four pages at the end of each section for notes (where you can add your own family recipes). The cover is laminated.

Contact me with the subject line: Green Family Cookbook at

UPDATE (November 23, 2021): A new owner has been found for the book.

Rant: Wrong Think – No Big Deal

I just returned from my local village and I am flabbergasted. Gobsmacked. Shocked. Society is truly collapsing into itself. However, there is hope.

I walked into a local shop and held the door for the elderly gentleman behind me. As I passed through, a man in his late 40s, early 50s brushed by me quickly. He was medium built, not skinny, was about 5 foot, 8 inches tall. His dark hair was short and he had the start of a receding hairline. He wore a dark jacket and baggy jeans. This was the out door, so I assumed he decided he didn’t want to buy anything.

When he passed, I heard an unusual sound. A jingling of sorts. Like Christmas bells. This caused me to take a second look at the man as he hurried out the door, across the cement boardwalk and onto the parking lot. That’s when I noticed his baggy pants were not so baggy in some areas. In fact, his awkward stride revealed impressions of iPad shaped objects. The more I stared, the more I saw his pants were stuffed with items he didn’t pay for.

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The Empty Threats of Climate Emergency Activists

While I waited in line at the feed store yesterday, the clerk said to the woman in front of me, “Have a great day and enjoy this beautiful weather.”

“Isn’t it wonderful?” said the woman. “I’ll be happy if this is how it is all winter.”

I smiled to myself. I wouldn’t complain either if we had cool nights (no lower than -5 degrees Celsius) and mild days (between 5 and 10 degrees) all winter instead of -20 and snow to shovel. Our oil and electric bill would be considerably less. Tending to the animals would be easier, and accidents due to storm conditions would be considerably fewer.

Like me, this woman at the feed store supports climate change if this means milder winters. However, I know we’re not meant for milder winters. We’re still living in a partial ice age, and things are going to get considerably cooler here in Nova Scotia over the coming years.

I didn’t always dread a cooler temperature. In the 1970s, when reports on the news claimed we were entering a new ice age, inwardly, I rejoiced. I was a kid and loved winter. I was thinking of all the snow forts I could build, larger than the ones I was already building with the usual four feet of snow we had on the ground. I thrived in winter activities and spent my days skating, building snowmen, tobogganing and ski-dooing.

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Something Must Be Done: We are Warming Twice as Fast as the Rest of the Planet

Who are we? Canada? Canada warming at twice the global rate, climate reports finds. No, it must be Australia: Australia temperatures rising faster than rest of the world.

Or maybe it’s the northeast coast of the United States: Northeast U.S. coast warming faster than rest of continent. Or maybe it’s Russia, China or Norway. The list goes on. Just plug a country into the search engine and add something like ‘warming faster than’.

According to the headlines across the planet, everything from the mountains to the Arctic, from Canada to Australia is warming twice as fast as the rest of the planet. If this confuses you, you’re not alone.

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The Sunshine Vitamin is Necessary for Health

I’ve spoken before about Vitamin D. I’ve been paying attention to the levels in my blood for about ten years because a blood test at that time indicated I was deficient. Add the research I’ve done with its connection with zinc, and I’m a true believer of the benefits of Vitamin D.

Today I listened to a podcast presented by Darkhorse entitled Why you should be supplementing with Vitamin D. It’s hosted by Bret Weinstein and Heather Heying (both PhDs in Biology), and they discuss Vitamin D and its role in a healthy immune system. They touch on the symptoms of a certain virus circulating in the population and how this vitamin can help defend against this infection.

Information is power. Do your own research.

Stay wild. Stay free.

VAERS data to the World Council for Health

I confess, I’m a data junkie. I’ve gathered data for various things, including my power usage over the years, and plotted it on graphs just to compare long-term usage in a visual manner. It’s the numbers that get me. I love math and working with numbers. I’m also a visual person.

Yet, I don’t have time to plot everything I’m interest in to compare long-term usage or effects. Thankfully, for VAERS data, I don’t have to.

Meet Dr. Jessica Rose, a Canadian who has a background in immunology, applied mathematics, computational biology, biochemistry and molecular biology. She recently completed a VAERS data analysis and presented it to the World Council for Healthy on October 11, 2021.

To learn about her findings regarding the vaccine, watch the video with a slide show here: Presentation of VAERS data to the World Council for Health.

Knowledge is power. Let’s keep informed.

Stand for Something or Fall for Anything

This morning, it came to my attention that one of my long-time favourite artists is being ridiculed by major Liberal media outlets. The washed-up and irrelevant Rolling Stones rag, which I’ve never bought nor read, printed this headline: Travis Tritt, Eric Clapton Form Supergroup of Ignorance

Ignorance, you say? Clapton has every reason to question the jab, the shot, the ‘vaccine’ which isn’t a real vaccine but a gene therapy, an experimental, never fully tested shot of poison, a medicine that was developed using aborted fetal tissue. After the first shot, Clapton became so debilitated that he fear he’d never play again.

If he lived in British Columbia, he’d be considered a second-class citizen by the government mouthpiece Ms Bonnie Henry. This monster wouldn’t recognise him or allow him to participate in society if he didn’t risk his life and get the second dose of poison, of which he didn’t because he was thankful to have survived and recovered from the first. The no-exemption policy of BC is horrendous, but so is the jab mandate and medical papers pass that is spreading around the globe.

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A Perfect Book for the Season

The mailman just delivered Laura Best’s newest book: A Sure Cure for Witchcraft. I bought the softcover from Chapters Indigo because I dislike reading eBooks and Amazon only sold the eBook.

Here’s the description.

Witches are hated in Württemberg, in what is now Germany, in the eighteenth century. It’s not so long since they were burned, and any woman who knows too much, who’s too clever or quick or skilled at healing, is suspect.

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Finally, a light at the end of the darkest tunnel

Countries like Norway are leading the way. They have lifted all restrictions and have told their citizens we must live with COVID. They’ve told people not to live in fear, that this virus is not as serious as first expected. It affects the old and those with comorbidities (such as obesity, heart disease and diabetes).

They actually said people should focus on being healthy. Wow. I wish our Canadian government would put health over bullying and threatening.

Finally, a positive sign in this horribly politicized pandemic. It’s time to get back to living and not segregating people because of their medical conditions.

Watch the full video here: Kim Iversen: Norway DROPS All Restrictions And Chooses To LIVE With Covid

Canadian Parliament Conference on Suppressed Information from Doctors and Scientists

All Canadians need to watch this video from CPAC before it disappears. You won’t find it on the YouTube CPAC channel. I searched for it, but it wasn’t in the results. I scanned through the months of videos, and it wasn’t there. I found it on another YouTube channel, but it’s only there until the censors find it and remove it. Whenever it’s posted to Facebook, the devils within the company remove it.

Before you think these are just another bunch of crack pots, they’re not. It’s a member of parliament, an Ontario doctor and a scientist who specializes in vaccines. They cannot remain silent anymore. They know something is horribly wrong.

Watch it here:

One must ask the questions: Why is the Canadian government acting like it is? Why are doctors and scientists being bullied, shamed, threatened and censored? Whatever the answer is, it’s not good for the people of Canada.

Update: When YouTube removes the video, it’s available on BitChute: The Canadian Parliamentary Network by MP Derek Sloan.

Update: The video has been removed from YouTube. The link is now to a blank screen that tells visitors that a press conference given by the Canadian government “violates YouTube’s Community Guidelines.” Unbelievable.

Freedom Rally Saturday February 18th

On Saturday September 18th from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm at Citadel Hill, a freedom rally will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia. I believe there are similar events happening across the country, so check your area to see if there’s one near you. To learn more about this event and others being organised, visit Save Canada Army.

Federal and provincial governments are advocating discrimination against citizens who choose their own medical treatment. Whether you’ve received this treatment or not, the fact that a ruling party believes they have the right to bar people who cannot or who choose not to participate in an experimental shot with unknown short and long term side effects is wrong.

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I’ve Banned Twitter

Due to Twitter’s heavy censoring of free speech and bias towards politics and news, I have banned it. There is no longer a Twitter share button at the bottom of my posts or pages. I’ve deleted the lone account I held onto (Quarter Castle Publishing), so I can’t share news I’ve enjoyed on it.

To me, Twitter no longer exists. It is the first social media platform that needs to die.

However, I can manually share news on a new platform I’m test driving. If you are on Parler, let me know. I’ll follow. You’ll find me here: Diane McGyver.

For the most part, I’ll share posts made on my pen name blog. For me, social media is going the way of the dinosaur. Eventually, I’ll just have a blog.

Happy Sunday!

Be kind to your future self.

Merry Christmas – Carrot Cake Recipe

Good morning, everyone.

I’m sending best wishes to you and your family. I hope today is a peaceful one, where you’ll have those you love the most with you, you’ll be warm and have food on your plate. While I hope you get what you want, I hope more you get what you need.

On my Diane McGyver blog, I posted a recipe for carrot cake. If you have an excess of carrots and like this cake, check it out here: Recipe Carrot Cake.

While I’ll be writing, I’m off the Internet for the next two days. It’s my break where I indulge in movies I’ve missed over the years. I’ve already reserved a few.

Take care of yourself, and the rest will take care of itself.

BREAKING NEWS: Access Copyright Issues Cheques Early

I received a message from Access Copyright late in the week to inform members, who are eligible for this year’s Payback, that payments are scheduled for distribution on Friday October 9th – one month earlier than usual.

Those with direct deposit usually receive payment on the date given on the website or, in this case, the email message. I believe cheques get mailed on that day, so for those waiting for ‘the cheque’s in the mail’ deliver depends on Canada Post.

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