Editing Services

Due to the number of projects scheduled,

Diane cannot accept new projects until January 2019.

Looking for an editor? You’ve come to the right place. Diane Tibert is accepting new clients.

Editing Philosophy

Diane’s goal when editing is to keep the style of the writer and not transform it into her own style. She edits for clarity, so readers comprehend sentences the first time they are read. At times, she rearranges phrases within a sentence to achieve this, but she does her best to keep the words used by the writer.

Diane edits Canadian and American English, and a combination of both.

Prospective clients may send 300 words of their manuscript for her to edit, so they can get an idea of how she works.

Proofreading Services

This service includes editing for typos, grammar, spelling, punctuation, hyphens, capitalisation, missing words, repetition and sentence/paragraph structure. It also targets correct word usage (perhaps granite was used instead granted: Her assistance was taken for granite.), redundancies (free gift) and consistency. Manuscripts are read twice.


$2.50 a page (300 words per page).

Minimum: $60.00 per project

Content Edit and Beta Service

This is NOT a proofreading service. This service includes a thorough read of the story with comments on characters, dialogue, point of view, pacing, plot and overall consistency. Comments will include where the story can be improved, what works and what doesn’t work.


$1.50 a page (300 words per page).

Minimum: $50.00 per project

Combining Services

This service combines the proofreading and content edit.


$3.50 a page (300 words per page).

Minimum: $60.00 per project

Please contact Diane Tibert (quartercastle@bellaliant.net) for further details or to schedule an editing service.

Evaluation of First 5,000 Words

To learn more about this service, visit First 5,000 Words Evaluation.


Half of the payment is due when the project begins. The remaining balance is due before the final edits are delivered. Final edits will be delivered within 24 hours (usually within 12 hours) of final payment. Payment can be made through PayPal or eBank transfer.

Prices are in Canadian currency. At this time, taxes are not charged.

Additional Details

Manuscripts are priced according to their originally submitted page count.

Before service begins, the author is responsible for completing the style sheet to ensure their unique style is considered when editing.

The copyright of the manuscript remains with the author. The manuscript will NOT be shared—in full or in part—outside the work space.

I am only human. Although I strive for 100% accuracy, mistakes may occur. The responsibility of the final product remains with the author.

Receipts are provided.


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