Author Interviews

Below are the list of authors interviewed for this blog and the date they appeared. They are listed in alphabetical order according to surname. Simply click the link to read the post.

For 2013

Austin: October 1: June J. Austin author of Sing Her Home

Best: October 22: Laura Best author of Bitter, Sweet and Flying with a Broken Wing

For 2012

Best: August 17: Laura Best author of Bitter, Sweet

Boudreau: November 2: Chantal Boudreau, author of Casualties of War

Burton: November 23: Art Burton, author of Concealed from Sight

Foster: July 6: Darlene Foster author Amanada in England

Giovanni: August 10: Cassandra Giovanni author of In Between Seasons

Graham: October 5: Genevieve Graham author of Under the Same Sky

Hale: August 31: Deborah Hale author of The Baron’s Governess Bride

Hertzberger: July 27: Yvonne Hertzberger author of Kestrel’s Eyes

Kater: July 13: Paul Kater author of Hilda – Aiaia

Kitson: July 20: Ross M. Kitson author of Darkness Rising

Marshall: November 9: Marie Marshall, author of Lupa

McEachern: November 16: Betty McEachern, author of Through Cast Iron Gates

McGyver: June 29: Diane Lynn McGyver author of Shadows in the Stone

Murphy: August 3: Lynn Murphy author of The Time of My Life

Peters: October 19: Jayne Peters, author of Messy Jessy

Phillips: August 24: Rebecca Phillips, author of Someone Else

Roy: September 28: Payal Roy Memoirs: The Soulful Recollection Friendship and Life

Steines: September 14: Sheryl Steines, author of She Wulf

Vernon: September 7: Steve Vernon author of Fighting Words

Wilder: September 21: Diana Wilder author of Pharaoh’s Son

Wood: October 26: Mary Wood, author of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Inventing My Childhood

…more when time permits


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