Nova Scotia Author Pages

Below is a list of links to Nova Scotia fiction authors. If your name is not there or you know a name that should be there, send me the name, link to the site and a few words on the genre.

Updated: July 19, 2016

Atkinson, L. P. Suzanne: fiction

Best, Laura: fiction (youth)

Blackthorne, Taryn: fiction (supernatural)

Brown, Dorothyanne: fiction (mystery)

Delory, Alison: fiction (children)

Gorham, Vivien: fiction

Graham, Genevieve: fiction (romance, historical)

Hale, Deborah: fiction (romance)

Helliwell, Michelle: fiction (historical romance)

Hubbard, Sara: fiction (romance)

MacDermott, Graham: fiction (crime), poet

MacKenzie, Catherine A.: fiction

Maher, Allison: youth fiction

McGyver, Diane Lynn: fiction (fantasy, romance, contemporary, short stories)

Nams, Magi: fiction (romance)

Sketchley, Janet: fiction (christian romance)

Toole, L. O.: fiction (romance)

Zinck, Raymond: history and the great outdoors

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