Nova Scotia Publishers

Updated February 7, 2016

Below are a list of publishers located in Nova Scotia. There are only two reasons a Nova Scotia company is not found here:

  1. I do not know about them.
  2. I would not recommend them.

When searching for publishing companies in Nova Scotia, do your research. Look for information on the Internet, ask fellow writers or contact your local writing organisations or writing groups.

To find information on companies, check out Registry of Joint Stock Companies, the Better Business Bureau and/or Preditors and Editors , which includes hundreds of publishers across North America.

If no website is found for a company listed below, contact information is provided. If a website is noted, go there and find the most up-to-date contact information.


Adventurer Press

Arcadia House Publishing (No website found): Address: P.O. Box 36130 RPO, Spring Garden Road, Halifax, NS B3J 3S9; Phone: 902-830-1279

Breton Books Ltd.

Cape Breton University Press

Editions Carre St. Louis (no website found): Imprint of Formac Publishing Company Limited

Fernwood Publishing Co. Limited

Fierce Ink Books

Formac Publishing Company Limited: Imprints (Related Registrations): Editions Carre St. Louis

Four East Publications Limited

Gaspereau Press Limited

Glen Margaret Publishing

Healy & King Press

Invisible Publishing Co-op Ltd

MacIntyre Purcell Publishing

MacKenzie Publishing

Marechal Media Inc.

New World Publishing

Nimbus Publishing Limited: Imprint: Vagrant Press

Northwest Arm Press Inc.: (No website found): Address: 540 Southgate Drive Suite 204 Bedford, NS B4A 0C9; Phone: 902-405-0765; Email:

OEA Technologies Inc

Pottersfield Press Limited

Quarter Castle Publishing

Third Person Press

Time Well Spent

Vagrant Press: See Nimbus Publishing Limited

...that’s all the publishers I’ve discovered so far. If anyone has a company they’d like me to add, just drop me a line (

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