Book Coach Overview

The initial book coaching session will provide an opportunity to:

  • Give an overview of self-publishing
  • Discuss the writer’s goal and expectations
  • Discuss the best options for the writer and their project
  • Supply the writer with a basic outline of what is expected of them to meet their goal and expectations
  • Supply the writer with a basic outline of what to expect during the consultation

Creating a Company to Publish Your Book

Why should you create a company to publish your books? What are the steps? How much will it cost? How do you promote the company as your publisher?

Minor Details that Aren’t So Minor

  • Registering and requesting an ISBN
  • Registering and requesting a CIP
  • Obtaining an EIN
  • Library and Archives Canada and Legal Deposit
  • Copyright

*Costs associated with obtaining these items are not included in the book coaching fee.

Tapping into Income to Help Support Your Writing Career

Discover sources in Canada that can help generate money for a self-published author.

Cover Design for Print and eBook

Judge a book by its cover. Receive information and resources on creating your own cover or source out the work; as a self-publisher you decide, and you gain or retain the copyright.

Interior Design for Print

Which is the best option for you? Do it yourself or contracting out?

On a budget and/or have the skills to do it yourself? Then Diane will provide tips and resources on how to design the interior.

Have money to invest and/or prefer to let someone else do the work for you? Then Diane will provide tips and resources on how to get the most for your dollar, and how to gain copyright, so the designs can be used indefinitely.

eBook Formatting

Readers use various devices these days, so the more formats available for a book, the more likely it will find its readers. The first step is the basic formatting of the raw manuscript. Diane will provide the information on how to do this and give hands-on instructions to clean up the file to make future formatting a breeze and ultimately save you money.

Do-it-yourselfers will receive tips and resources on how to create the required formats to publish on various formats.

Those who wish to avoid formatting will receive tips and resources on who to contact to do the job for them.

Ready, Set…Publish!

Publishing has never been so easy, and reaching millions of readers—regardless of which format they choose—is all about knowing where the distributors are located. Diane will provide information on where to publish your eBook and paperbacks. All of this can be done from the comfort of your home; no travelling expenses required.

Sell, Sell…Market!

You’re going to publish a book, so it’s time to get the word out now and build a platform to tell the world. Diane will help you choose the social media machine that works best for you. It’s crazy to think you can do it all and still write the next book, so choosing your perfect match is vital.

Diane will provide information on how to market your book and promote the author (you!). Marketing is not about working hard to get your book noticed, it’s about working wisely.

Hiring a Book Coach

Your goal is to publish a book. Diane’s goal is to make it happen in a manner that puts you in the control seat where you retain 100% copyright to your material. All royalties generated go directly to you and is not channelled through a middle man. You make the final decisions on the appearance and content of your book, in which format it is available and where it can be purchased.

Diane will provide a comprehensive production schedule template that can be used for the current and future publishing projects to keep your publishing career on track.

Why pay someone thousands of dollars to publish your book when you can do it yourself. After all that’s what self-publishing is all about.

Book Coach Package: $550

Please, send a one-page cover letter detailing your project. Include the type of project (novel, short story, non-fiction, etc.), the genre (fantasy, contemporary, romance, etc.) and the stage in which the project is currently in (incomplete, first draft, edited). Send the letter in the body of an email message to Diane Tibert ( Thank you.

Although I strive to help everyone who seeks a book coach, I am unable to accept all assignments. I reserve the right to refuse any offer for consultation.


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