Book Coach

Due to the number of projects scheduled,

Diane will not be accepting new assignments until January 2019.

Do you want to self-publish a novel, non-fiction book, children’s picture book, journal, genealogy or short story? Then you’ve come to the right place. Diane can help.

Does self-publishing look too complicated and confusing? It does to everyone when they first begin their journey, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.

If you can use a computer, you can publish your own book. Diane is here to walk you through the process and to teach you how to do it yourself, so you can publish your first book, your next book and the book after that.

Why Should You Hire a Book Coach

Diane’s goal is to teach you how to self-publish your book, so you maintain full control over your creative work and maintain full copyright over the things you paid for. Once this knowledge is obtained, you’ll be able to confidently build your publishing career.

Your book is your investment; invest it wisely.

Self-publishing Facts

To learn more about hiring Diane Tibert to be your book coach, please contact her at

When you self-publish, you’re not building a book; you’re building a career.Book Coach Ad




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