Publishing 101

Publishing 101: From Draft to Book in 30 Days

Introduction: Read about Publishing 101

Aging Process and Evaluation: How would you evaluate your first draft, and how long should it sit before you begin editing?

Verb Check-up: Editing a manuscript for strong verbs.

Targeting Passive Text and Redundant Words: Write more active sentences by reducing the number passive text, and target those problem words.

Read Out Loud: Never skip this step. Read the entire manuscript out loud.

Spell and Grammar Check: Let software make editing easier.

Print and Edit: Another important editing step.

Production Schedule: A list of tasks that must be completed to self-publish a book.

Establishing Front and Back Matter: Completing the details of what goes before and what goes after the story in a book.

Interior Design: It’s important to creating an interior design that is both easy on the eye an ascetically pleasing.

Reviews: Reviews are important to books. They help other readers decide if they are interested in reading the story or not.

Cover Design: Books are judged every day by their cover, so choose wisely.

Book Summary: Writing a back cover blurb can be challenging. Here’s some tips to help.

Writing an Author’s Note: A letter to readers after they’ve finished your book.

Book Trailer (link will be provided when available): The basics on making one.

Read it One More Time: Final edit. If you still enjoy your story after all this editing, you must really love it.

Sizing up the Paperback Cover: Getting your cover to fit on your book printed by CreateSpace.

Formatting the Interior: There are a few ways to format the inside material for a book.

Get Ready to Upload: When your files are ready, it takes a short time to upload your book to CreateSpace.

…more as post titles are created.

The Publishing 101 journey began Monday February 3, 2014.

Publishing 101

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