Self-publishing Facts

Know the Facts

Did you know that some companies hired to publish your self-published book retain copyright on certain aspects of the project even though you paid to have them completed? This may include interior design, overall layout, illustrations, cover design and digital file.

If you choose to publish/print your book through another company, there’s a high possibility that you’ll need to pay for some or all of these services a second time.

Also, if the hired company provided the ISBN and/or CIP for your book, you cannot reuse them if you publish through another company. These numbers are owned by that particular company, not by you or your book. Many brick and mortar stores will not sell books if they possess an ISBN by certain large companies. It is always best to obtain your own ISBN, and in Canada, it’s free.

Publishing companies that offer to publish your self-published book may call the service joint-publishing. It doesn’t matter what they call it, the services and fees are very similar to companies who openly offer to publish your self-published book.

A company that does the self-publishing for you is essentially a middle man who controls certain aspects and rights to your book that may not be fully realised until the contract or business relationship ends. As we’ve learned in life, hiring a middle man costs more money, money that may be put to better use.

Why pay someone thousands of dollars to publish your book when you can do it yourself. After all that’s what self-publishing is all about.

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