Self-publishing Resources

This page will contain links to the most helpful posts on this blog for self-published authors. It will take time to gather them all, but here’s a start.

If you’re on the self-publishing journey, you might also be interested in Publishing 101: Draft to Book in 30 Days.

Defining the Publishing Industry

Revised: Five Types of Book Publishers: Defining Traditional Publishing, Self-publishing, Joint-publishing, Subsidiary Publishers (or Package Publishers) and Vanity Publishing

Things to Think About

Who are you writing for?: Think about this for a moment. It will help you decide how to write your story.

Penning a Name: Should you use a pen name? How do you decide which one is best for you?

My Indie Publishing Experience: Lots and lots of Homework: Getting started with self-publishing

My Indie Publishing Experience: The Road Already Taken: My experience on the traditional trail of publishing

The Business of Publishing

Canadians, Stop Paying 30% to the IRS: Instructions on how to get your Employer Identification Number (EIN)

Update on Canada Tax Information with the United States: Canadians no longer need an EIN. See how its done.

Getting the Numbers: ISBN and CIP: Instructions on how Canadians register to get an ISBN and CIP for their book

Editing a Manuscript

Editing a Manuscript: Some basic tips and advice on editing a manuscript

I am a ‘Was Girl’: Why you should reduce your ‘was’ count and tips on how to do it.

How to Annihilate Was: More tips of eliminating ‘was’ from your stories

Feel the Music in Your Words or Rewrite Them: Tips on editing and keeping the flow in your story

Which Language Do You Write?: Deciding on whether or not to use Canadian spelling in your story

When to Capitalize a Name that is Not a Name: A few rules on capitalizing terms of endearment (honey), relative titles (aunt) and other informal names (buddy, sir, captain)

Editing Tip: Add a comma before “and” when…: The rule for using a comma between two independent clauses joined by ‘and’.

The Importance of Good Editing: Discusses why a manuscript should be edited before its published.

My Editing Process: From start to finish, the steps I take to edit a manuscript.

Finding and Working with an Editor: Every writer needs an editor before they self-publish, but how do you find one?

Jay Underwood, Editor…Writer: Hiring and working with a new editor.

Formatting a Manuscript

Creating a Clean Manuscript: The importance of keeping format simple and how to do that.

Book Cover Material and Design

Writing a Back Cover Blurb: Get some ideas to help you write an attention-grabbing summary for the back cover of your book.

Stock Photography: Should you use it for your book cover?: The pros and cons of using stock photography for your book

Nailing a Picture for a Book Cover: Tips on capture the perfect picture of the author for a book

Writing an Author Biography: Tips on writing an author by-line and a biography

Front and Back Matter Matters: The story is the middle material. This posts talks about what comes before and after it.

Create! Design! Make it so: Using PowerPoint to create a book cover

Updating Published eBooks: As your published library expands, you’ll need to update previously published digital material to reflect this and send readers that way. Here are things you can add.

Creating Book Covers with Inkscape: I started using this program to create my covers in February 2020.

…more when the time arrives.

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