East Hants Fine Arts Show

Earlier this year, I told myself I would finally enter the East Hants Fine Arts Show. That was a goal I had set, a promise I had made, a resolution. I had wanted to enter the show several times, but each May I found myself just standing there, admiring the art work of other artists while my children proudly displayed their creations.

This year was different. I not only entered, I submitted three pieces to be judged. Now, don’t get excited. I knew I wouldn’t place, wouldn’t even get an honourable mention. There are simply too many great artists who participate in the yearly event.

So last night I came home from the awards show with no ribbons, but did return with the satisfaction of knowing I had entered an art show…and three children who are now all award-winning artists.

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Gerard Butler’s eyes!? What’s up with that?

From my Stats Page, I’m told that on average one person a day has viewed my blog titled Using Images to Capture a Character since it was posted February 21, 2011. When it comes to blog post popularity, this one is fourth out of 68.

Why has this particular blog generated so much interest? Is it because it’s the best I’ve written? Nope. Is it because it discusses a unique topic? Nope.

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