Happy Canada Day – Let the Adventure Begin

When you read this, I’ll be miles away from home, exploring, hiking, fishing, canoeing, mingling with family, sitting around a campfire and enjoying my Canada Day in the only way I know how: by enjoying the great outdoors.

Diane Tibert canoeing Atlantic OceanI’ll be going to my most favour place in the world, so close to the Atlantic Ocean I could throw a book from my deck chair and hit the water. I’ll be so close to family I’ll be able to look across the table and see them, walk to the next property and see more, and continue walking for half a kilometre and still see more.

Cousins abound due to Tibert fertility. My grandmother had 17 children; my father being the eleventh. He added eleven more to the clan. We love the old homestead so much, even when we don’t live there, we go there often in spite of the distance.

This place is in the middle of nowhere, where sometimes the only sounds you hear are the ripple of water and the cry of a gull. It’s a place where I’ve done a lot of reading and writing, a place where I can organise my thoughts. I find myself here each time I’m lost. It reminds me of who I am and what’s important in life.

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Almost Forgotten Tragedy

Below is a Roots to the Past column I wrote earlier this summer. I wanted to share it here to remember the men who were lost on the Mina Swim.


An Almost Forgotten Sea Tragedy

Diane Lynn Tibert

I first heard of the fishing vessel the Mina Swim about twelve years ago when my aunt showed me a newspaper article detailing its fate. I had been researching Thomas Taylor, my mom’s mother’s father. I knew very little about the man and because of his common name, I found many Thomas Taylors but never the right one. All I had to go on was he lived in Burin, NL and he was lost at sea when my grandmother was about twelve years old.

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