A Library for the Future of the World

In my endeavour to be self-sufficient, I spend a little time each week either reading books, magazine articles or blogs to help me to learn the basics of what is needed to sustain myself if something tragic strikes. I find YouTube videos also a great supply of information. It’s amazing the things people are doing. Such innovation! I love it.

No, I’m not planning for the end of the world. A tragic event could be as simple as a class one hurricane sweeping through and knocking out power for a week, which then closes local banks, grocery stores, gas stations and everything else where one would run for supplies. Power poles might be sliced in half and dangling from the wires or huge trees might have fallen and blocked main roads, making them impassible. (Hurricane Juan, September 2003).

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Sunday Morning Blog Read

Diane Lynn McGyverMy Sunday morning ritual is simple. Rise early—a few hours before the kids roll out of bed—make a bowl of Steel-cut Scottish Oatmeal, add blueberries and raspberries to the mix and pour myself a large mug of tea. Then I surf the Internet, catching up on different blogs I follow and seeing what’s new and exciting out there.

This morning, I came across a post that lists several other interesting blog posts for writers. The topics include:

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Use Other Blogs to Improve Your Blog

Diane Lynn McGyverI’m in the middle of a revision, but I’m not talking about a novel…well, that’s happening, too, but that’s not the topic for this post. Since I had a review of my Writer~Dreamer~Publisher blog, I’ve been implementing many of the suggestions to make it more user-friendly, less cluttered and…more popular.

This is why readers—the ones before the major overhaul—have noticed the change; it was recommended by a reviewer. My hope is that new visitors will be able to find what they need faster, getting them in touch with the information they want without searching through more than a year’s worth of blog posts.

As I implement these changes, I’m also on the look-out for other things to improve my blog. I do this by taking note of how other people—writers in particular—set up their blog and websites (which sometimes don’t look like blogs but are the cover for them). If I like it, and it fits my theme and it makes a reader’s visit more enjoyable, I add it.

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I’m a Guest at Thea’s Blog

Characters are the essence in a story as corned beef is the heart in Jiggs Dinner. But just like the beef, characters can have no flavour and instead of enticing you to eat read more, you pass on seconds put the book down.

Like corned beef, good characters take time to create. I’ve cured my characters in Shadows of the Stone for several years. Now, they’re almost read to be served (think May 6th). I love my characters, the good, the bad and the ugly. None of them are perfect because perfect characters are boring. Even The Good Guys Must Be Flawed. You can read my thoughts about this in a guest post at Thea Atkinson’s blog.

Shadows in the Stone May 6, 2012