Book Launch: Revelation Stones at Dartmouth Book Exchange

Tomorrow, Saturday June 15th, between 1:00 pm and 4:00 pm, I launch Revelation Stones, the 3rd book in the Castle Keepers series at Dartmouth Book Exchange, 1187 Cole Harbour Road, Cole Harbour, Nova Scotia. I spent the first 29 years of my life in that community and return often to visit family. While I’ve not lived there since 1996, it still feels like home.

I’ll also have paperback copies of Shadows in the Stone (book 1) and Scattered Stones (book 2), as well as book 1 in the Mystical series, a series within a series, Beyond the Myst.

This is my first event in a book store, so I’m going in with no expectations; my goal is to have fun, meet readers and sell a few books.

I laughed out loud when I thought of the fun that could be had if that’s all that’s expected. It’s a good goal in life. I think I’m going to milk it.

If you’re in Cole Harbour tomorrow, pop in, have a chat. The Dartmouth Book Exchange has thousands of used books; you’ll find one you love.

Overview of Scattered Stones Manuscript

Scattered Stones UpdateOn January 1st, I created a fresh file for my next major project: Scattered Stones. Before this, the manuscript was divided into two files due to bad formatting and conflicting system changes that occurred a few years ago. I wrote the draft of this fantasy novel before I knew the importance of plain formatting.

As I read and edit, I’m drawing a line. Everything above the line has been nuked by the Eraser and reformatted into plain text. It’s also been scrutinized heavily, every verb, every line, every sentence evaluated until I’m satisfied. I’m weighing the worth of every word because I have major trimming to do.

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