How much does it cost to self-publish a book?

DLMcGyver - Destiny Governed their LivesWould you believe me if I said, “The cost of publishing your first eBook is…less than $10. If you want to publish a paperback, it will cost as little as $25.”

“Once everything is in place, it will cost nothing to publish an eBook and only about $15 to publish a paperback.” Actually if you were a risk taker, it would cost nothing to publish a paperback, too. But I’d advise against it.

Insane isn’t it? But if I had little to no money to invest in my writing career, I could still do it for the bare minimum price. Still, I put the money I do have to good use, in places of the self-publishing journey where is serves the book best.

The ceiling to how much you could spend to get one book published is high. Thousands upon thousands of dollars can be spent on various editors, designers, printers and marketers.

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