Things I Learned at a Craft Show

5x5 Book Craft SaleLast weekend Jayne Peters, Mindy George and I attended the Christmas Festival of Crafts at Middle Musquodoboit. This was my first official book-selling event, and the first craft show in which I was a seller not a buyer.

I planned ahead, trying to think of everything I’d need to create an attractive display and to make transactions go smoothly. Well, after a few hours, I had a list of things to keep in mind for future craft shows and selling events, as well as book selling in general.

Here is a list of things to remember for next time:

1) Bags: We forgot to bring them. When I got home the first day I looked around the house and found a few small Christmas gift bags that would easily accommodate my novels. They were perfect for a Christmas craft show but would not due for any other time of year. So I need to look into getting either blank plastic bags (I don’t want to advertise a grocery or a large box store) or plain paper bags for non-Christmasy events.

2) Genre Tags: Not everyone asks about the genre of a book, but I can see they’re interested in knowing where a book fits into the scheme of things, so little tags that state Fantasy, Romance or Mystery will help. Children’s picture books are obvious and don’t need genre tags.

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