Book Review: The Girl at the Top of the Tree by Barry Corbin

The Girl at the Top of the Tree

by Barry Corbin

Published: 2018

ISBN: 978-1775327905

Genre: Historical Fiction

Pages: 380

I enjoy local stories that take place in rural settings, so when I read The Girl at the Top of the Tree, it struct a nerve. The story takes place in rural Nova Scotia, the Annapolis Valley to be exact, or as locals call it, The Valley. It starts several generations into the past, but quickly transports readers to the 1960s.

The brief family history tugs at my genealogical nerve, and I’m wondering about the surname and if I can find it on a census record. Details about the First and Second World Wars also pique my interest. I’ve done a lot of research on both because of family members, including my father, who served in them.

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Book Review: Running Wild with Bossy Boy by Hui Zhou

Running Wild with Bossy Boy

by Hui Zhou

Photographs by Hui Zhou

Rating: 4 Stars

A Wonderful Way to Introduce Children to Chickens

Have you ever dreamt about raising chickens in your backyard? Do you want to learn more about the distinguishing characteristics of chickens? Running Wild with Bossy Boy introduces readers to a lucky flock of chickens that express their traits as they run wild as chickens are supposed to do.

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A Library for the Future of the World

In my endeavour to be self-sufficient, I spend a little time each week either reading books, magazine articles or blogs to help me to learn the basics of what is needed to sustain myself if something tragic strikes. I find YouTube videos also a great supply of information. It’s amazing the things people are doing. Such innovation! I love it.

No, I’m not planning for the end of the world. A tragic event could be as simple as a class one hurricane sweeping through and knocking out power for a week, which then closes local banks, grocery stores, gas stations and everything else where one would run for supplies. Power poles might be sliced in half and dangling from the wires or huge trees might have fallen and blocked main roads, making them impassible. (Hurricane Juan, September 2003).

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