Gene Lempp – Writing Resources

Each weekend Gene treats us to a smorgasbord of writing resources. This Saturday is no exception.

Gene Lempp – Writing Resources 22 June 2013 includes blog posts by Jenny Hansen, Kristen Lamb, Victoria Strauss, Dean Wesley Smith, Susan Hawk and several others. Take a visit. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

My rooster agrees: you should visit Gene.
My rooster agrees: you should visit Gene.



Versatile Blogger and Five Great Blogs to Follow

Versatile Blog AwardOn May 8th, Christi Corbett awarded me with a Versatile Blogger Award. Things have been so hectic this spring—with posts topics coming out of the woodwork and outside forces stealing me away from the computer—that I didn’t get a chance to respond.

The first step after receiving this award is to thank the person who presented it and link to their blog.

Thank you, Christi. Check out Christi’s blog to read her thoughts on writing and things that catches her interest. Don’t forget to watch the wonderful book trailer found under Site Pages.

The second step after receiving the Versatile Blogger Award is to tell seven things about yourself.

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