Flight of the Fairy Captured on Film

The heat from the grass and forest permeated the still air in the small clearing, and when I breathed in, nature’s energy filled my lungs. Closing my eyes, I heard a slight rustling of leaves high in the trees and a distant cry of an unknown bird. Here, far from the city, people and motor vehicles, the earth relaxed, time stood still and the body felt at home.

As I made my way towards the headstones dotting the burial grounds, I wondered if I had enough time to capture images of every marker. The kids were eager to get to the blueberry field and didn’t want to linger at yet another graveyard. They followed close behind, asking if that person was related, or what did the little lamb on the stone indicate and how much longer was this going to take?

To be honest, my kids didn’t often complain when visiting cemeteries even after they’d been dragged through several dozen. Something always appeared to entertain them even if it was just a hapless toad hopping across our path.

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Early Settlers Cemetery, Moser River, NS

Updated: January 28, 2018

Some of you may already know I’m a genealogy nut, emphasis on the nut. While drinking-aged teen friends were out making their world a fuzzy place to be, I was poring over notes about my great-grandparents and trying to make connections between them and others with the same surname. Twenty-five years later, I’m still doing the same thing.

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