The Story of The Black Bitch of Scotland

This story is for the people who jump onto bandwagons to protest not fully understanding what they’re protesting. It’s for people who don’t want to look deeper than the headlines. It’s for people who ignore history or want to erase it. This is the story of The Black Bitch of Scotland.

Long ago, on the windswept shores of Scotland, a man caught breaking the law was sentenced to death. He was chained to a tree on a wee island in the middle of the loch and left there to starve.

However, each morning found the man alive and well. After many days, the town folk realised the man’s loyal dog, a black greyhound bitch, was taking food and water to the man.

Back then, the only solution was to chain the dog to the tree with its master to meet the same fate.

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Book Review: Writing Historical Fiction

Diane Lynn Tibert
Once Upon a Time, it was now . . .

I just finished reading The Art and Craft of Writing Historical Fiction by James Alexander Thom. The first part of the book was a little boring but surprisingly a pleasure to read. Does that make sense? Can something be a wee boring, still a pleasure?

Perhaps I felt a little bored because the first part of the book covered much of the same material I had read many times before: research, libraries, getting your hands on the documents, getting your facts straight, what is history, staying true to history . . .

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