Jay Underwood, Editor…Writer

I heard of Jay Underwood long before I actually met him. He was a frequent contributor to genealogy mailing lists I subscribed to. Sometimes he’d pose a question; other times, he’d answer a query. I learnt from these exchanges that he was a railway history buff and that he lived only a few communities away.

Eventually, Jay and I exchanged messages regarding one genealogy matter or another, and then we joined a new writer’s group at our local library. In the past three years, our paths have crossed numerous times. When the time came to find an editor for my latest novel, Shadows in the Stone, it was as simple as asking Jay if I could hire him for the task.

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Finding and Working With an Editor

I first went in search of an editor in the fall of 2010. I had decided to self-publish the youth novel Mystery Light in Cranberry Cove (under the pen name Candy McMudd) and knew I couldn’t complete the final edit myself – no writer can.

My search began on the Internet. I googled editors specifically in Canada for two reasons.

1) I wanted to use Canadian English in my novel and believed an editor outside of the country might have difficulty knowing which spellings we used.

2) I’m patriotic and wanted to shop locally.

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It’s Hard to Sell Invisible Books

I’m a quiet person who likes to tinker around the house in the morning, write for several hours and drop a line now and again to see if I get a bite. I’m not one for galas, dinners or standing on a grandstand boasting about my book. But I’ve learned over the past ten months that if I’m going to stick around a while in this writing business I have to tell people I’m here and what I have to offer.

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