Sunday Review: Messy Jessy Gets Active by Jayne Peters

Messy Jessy Gets Active

by Jayne Peters

Illustrated by Diane Lucas

Rating: 4 star

A Delightful Read for Children

Studies reveal unorganized play is vital to kids’ mental and physical development. Kids just need to be kids and to be allowed to explore their many interests without a rigid schedule. That’s What Messy Jessy Gets Active is all about.

Jessy was introduced to young readers in her first book, Messy Jessy. The fun-loving girl has a broad interest in activities, everything from hockey to yoga, and she explains to her parents that she loves them all; it’s impossible to choose only one.

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Book Sale – Craft Show December 7th and 8th

I’ll be at the Craft Show in Middle Musquodoboit next weekend. I’ll have the following books for sale:

Shadows in the Stone by Diane Lynn McGyver

Pockets of Wildflowers by Diane Lynn McGyver

Nova Scotia – Life Near Water by Diane Lynn McGyver

City of Light and Shadow by Sheila McDougall

Authors Jayne Peters and Mindy George will also be there selling their children picture books.

Marketing 2013 Mus. Craft Show


Author Interview: Jayne Peters

Jayne PetersName:  Jayne Peters

Do you write with a pen name? If so, what is it?

No, I don’t write with a pen name. If I did, I think I would be Mary MacLearn. I like the sound of it. It’s catchy. Plus, as a teacher, I like the last name MacLearn.

In which country were you born, and which one do you live now?

I was born and raised in Canada. My dad was in the military so we moved around when I was younger. We settled in Nova Scotia 34 years ago.

Which genres do you write in?

I like writing for children and young adults; mostly realistic fiction with a bit of fantasy (or at least a magical component). I especially enjoy writing children’s picture books.

How many books have you had published? (Feel free to name a few of the most recent)

Just one. My first picture book called Messy Jessy is scheduled to be released in December.

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Writing an Author Biography

I recall the first time an editor asked me to write a byline for a magazine article. It was a frantic time. What could I say about myself in a few short lines?

After much thought, frustration and drafts, I came up with something like this: Diane Lynn Tibert is a freelance writer living in central Nova Scotia.

I know…pretty boring. I honestly didn’t know how to write a byline or create a biography. From the examples I seen in current newspapers (this was 1998), most of them were this simple. Being new to publishing, I was a little weary of being too different from the rest.

After having a few articles published, I added another line: Her work has appeared in Saltscapes, Canadian Gardening and East Coast Gardener.

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